The 1st Fashion Not Fear Dress Collection Is Almost Done. Here Is How Its Going So Far

It’s hard to believe we are about 3 weeks away from debuting the first Fashion Not Fear Dress Collection at the SPIRIT Fashion Show.  I’ve done several fashion shows in the past through various outlets.  So, doing a fashion show is no problem.  As a matter of fact, I’d like to think that I’m really good at it.  The difference between this one and all of the others is that these are MY clothes. Each piece is sketched, designed, and sewn by yours truly.  No pressure.  Here are 3 things I’ve learned so far…

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It Is Not Easy:  Selecting fabrics, then measuring the fabric 20 times, cutting a pattern, figuring out seam allowances, stick pins, threading a bobbin…there’s alot to it.  I’ve lost stick pins in my thigh and burned myself with the iron trying to flatten seams.  Its definitely not easy.  So I had to enlist the expertise of my mom and Aunt.  Thank goodness they grew up sewing!  They both volunteered to help so I’ve happily put them to work.



It takes time:  Designing is something that I was already working on.  But being invited to the SPIRIT Fashion Show made me put it on the fast track.  Since I’ve participated in the 2 past events they have held, I wanted to push my boundaries on this one.  However, I never considered the time it would take.  I had pre-selected fabrics and hardware for online ordering.  But after calculating transit time I had to scrap that idea.  So I hit the local stores looking fabric.  Nothing was a quick trip to the store.  It took days just picking fabrics, buttons, zippers, etc.  I didn’t expect that it would be so time-consuming.  As we speak, I have 5 days to finish 3 outfits.  Did I mention that its currently 11:32pm and I am about to start cutting fabric??

cutting red fabric

Everything Won’t Go As Planned:  I sketched to the smallest detail how I want each design to be created.  But some of my sketches evolved to something completely different.  Fabric has sold out, didn’t work well with a certain style, construction reasons, wrong pattern,  wrong fabric, you name it.  Working through issues is all part of it.   No biggie.

Can’t wait to share the final collection and the process the led up to it.  Stay tuned!  If you have any tips that can help me with sewing, let me know in the comments!

Stay Fearless 💋

For SPIRIT Fashion Show information;

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