Prints or Solids?

Each time began to source fabric for a new piece to add to the Fashion Not Fear collection, I always have this burning question that has to be answered before I start deep diving. Solids or prints? I’ve made lots of looks using both. And I’m certainly not going to make a look out of fabric that I don’t love. But I do wonder how do you (the consumer) feel about the textile being used?

When I considered what my answer would be if I asked the question myself. My immediate answer was prints. Hands down. In my opinion, prints adds a unique touch to the look before ever deciding what will be made from it. You might see others in the same color that you are wearing. But when have you ever ran across someone who was wearing the same dress and print that you were wearing?? Damn near never. I would think. Prints are fun. They tell a story all on their own. Leopard prints seem to say that you have a wild side. While a nautical print might say that you are on a vacation. Florals give off this feminine feel. While an ethnic print might say that you want to show off your heritage.

Solids on the other hand tell a different story. All black is classic and sophisticated. Reds are fiery while representing love and lust. Solids are classic and timeless. But that is actually what I like about solids. They never age. They will forever be in style. There is nothing like a great fitting black or red dress. You just can’t go wrong with sticking with those classics. Now that I think about it more. Maybe solids are my favorite??

I looked through the collection of Fashion Not Fear styles to determine which I usually go with….solids or prints. It looks like prints win for me. And when it came down to choosing one of my favorite looks from the collection. I chose a print. So, maybe I do like prints more??!

Im so confused…

I’m in the process of creating new looks for Fashion Not Fear. I’d love for you to help me decide on what type of fabrics to get. What do you prefer…solids or prints?? And why? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless ๐Ÿ’‹

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