I Took A Quiz About Being Fearless From A 2010 “O” Magazine. This Is What I Found…

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I were helping my mom with some Spring cleaning in my parents garage.  “This is going to be donated” and “This is going in the trash” were two of my most popular rants off the day after going through box after box of things I deemed “unnecessary”.  Until I ran across an Oprah Magazine from November 2010.   What made it different from all of the other magazines that went into the recycling bin is what was on the cover:  The Quiz That Reveals Whats Holding You Back and Helps You Move On page 176.   This was a sign.  I was meant to find this, right?!


opera 2010 magazine
I stashed the mag in my bag.  I can’t be caught keeping an old ass magazine when I had been going off all afternoon about how she needed to get rid of them.  Ya feel me?!  Nevertheless, after a long day of cleaning.  I went home, poured a glass of red and turned to page 176.   “What’s Holding You Back?”  8 questions will help me find out, huh?!  Well, let’s see what happens….
oprah magazine 2010
My answers ended up being mostly “E” responses on odd numbers and mostly “A” responses on even numbers.  Apparently, I’m ready for change.
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I can’t say that I was too surprised about the results.  Truth is, if I would’ve taken the quiz 5 years ago, the results would be COMPLETELY different.  I’ve been through everything question on the quiz.  Let me explain…
quiz oprah 2010 magazine

#1. Working in an office setting for over 13 years, so I knew all too well what is was like to to apply for another department.  I also knew getting declined all of the time because the managers’ friend was a better fit for the position, all too well.

#2.  I started a business which helps to support me.  Which means, I have no desire to return to an un-fulfilling 9 to 5.   But 5 years ago, leaving a job to make money solely off my business made me want to faint.

#3. I’ve always found happiness getting paid to do something else but it was much lower.  5 years ago, all i cared about the paycheck.  Now, it’s more than that.

#4.  My boss has gotten fired.  5 years ago, I would’ve stayed.  Now, I would’ve taken that spot with no hesitation.

#5. I have heard from the doctor that my body was reacting to stress.  5 years ago, that stressed me out.  Now, I shake stress off.  No time in my life for that to linger.

#6. I did leave a long-term job to pursue my dreams.  5 years ago, I would’ve begged and pleaded to keep the job.

#7. I started talking about owning a boutique before shopping online was a “thing”.  5 years ago, I didn’t think BLB would exist.  Look at me now!

#8.  I did work in a bank but for much longer than 8 years.  And most of that was spent hating that I had to sit behind a desk all day.  I was drawn to fashion.  5 years ago, I would’ve stayed behind that desk and complained until retirement.  Now, if it doesn’t make me feel good, I’m out.  Period.

After taking the quiz, I took a second to reflect on my fearless journey, so far.  I never realized just how far I have come.  Granted, I’m not where I want to be.  But I’m surely not where I was.  There was a time when I let fear hold me back from doing anything.  I didn’t want to disrupt what I thought was “normal”.  I didn’t want to go against the grain.  I just followed along to get along because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do.  But those days are long gone!
oprah 2010
Take the quiz, check out the results, and let me know, “What’s holding you back?”  in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “I Took A Quiz About Being Fearless From A 2010 “O” Magazine. This Is What I Found…

  1. Great post! I am similar. I started my business 5 years ago too and have no desire to go back to corporate life. My stress is much less now and I have learned amazing coping mechanisms that help me shake it off. Thanks for sharing!!

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