Can You Dress Too Young For Your Age?

Have you ever considered your age before buying something new to wear?  Do you look  into the mirror sometimes after getting dressed and think, “I’m too old to wear this.”  To be honest, its not really something that has ever occurred to me…until lately.

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Every week, I somehow seem to find myself out shopping with my mom and aunt for hours. They are always on the hunt for a home decor item or a new dress to wear to church or upcoming event.  During these trips, I might suggest a fit n’ flare dress for my mom and a flowing dress for my Aunt to try on.  But if my suggestion is anything slightly different from their normal shift dress, they always seem to give me the same answer, “I’m too old for that.”  Although, we aren’t close in age, I can’t help but to wonder; why do they feel that way?  If there was a picture of My Lil’ Pony on the front I would understand it more!

It came up again recently as I ran across an article where the writer was discussing what it is like to “dress like an adult”.  After reading it, the only thing I got out of it is that when women get to a certain age; they should alter the way that they dress.  According to them, your pants should get looser, skirts should get longer, and Lord forbid you show a bit of your stomach.  You’re really trying to dress like a teenager then!  🙄  Not my words, of course.  Does “adult dressing” mean you should cover up more, wear drab colors, and stay aways from sheers and lace?

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 Hairbows and lollipops might be too adolescent for a grown womens style but I can’t think of much else.  I’ll admit that I do understand how someone can dress too old for their age.  I mean as a little girl, there are certain styles that are too mature for a young womens body.  Then again, I feel like wearing an oversized, shapeless muumuu with ratty house shoes can add age to any woman.  There has to be a balance.

After the article and recalling the way that my Mom and Aunt respond, I started to analyze myself.  Damn…do I dress too young for my age? Most of the people that I spend free time with are older than me at a least by a couple of years, they are moms, and work for corporations (not that it matters.)  But I can honestly say that I DEFINITELY style myself differently from them.  For instance, we met up at happy hour to watch a football game.  One wore a safari style jacket with jeans, baggy tee, and flats.  The other was in jeans, tee, and sneakers.  Don’t get me wrong, they both looked nice.  What did I wear?? Skin tight jeans, a fearless women tee tied at my waist, sky high heels, and let’s not forget my red lips.  The weekend before that we have couples night by having dinner at a popular food truck spot and drinks at a nice bar after.  That night you would’ve f found me in a fuchsia wrap skirt, tank, and sky high sandals when everyone else were in their trousers and flats.  “You always doing too much.” is something I’ve heard from my older brother often when we go out.  Although, there is no such thing as doing too much if you ask me.   I wear what makes me feel confident.

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It seems to me that dressing like an “adult” should be more about wearing what makes you feel good.  As the saying goes…You’re only as young as you feel.  I truly believe that!  There are only two things to consider when “adult dressing”.  #1.  Does it fit properly?  (By now, you should know what fits and what doesn’t.) #2.  Is this look okay for the occasion?  (Because mini skirts should not be worn to your kids PTA meeting.)  Other than that…just do it!  Style should make you feel good, confident, happy, and ready to take on the world.  If your outfit doesn’t make you feel like that; you need to change clothes!  What does age have to do with it?  I want to know what you think. If there a such thing as dressing too young for your age?  Why or why not??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

10 thoughts on “Can You Dress Too Young For Your Age?

  1. I have never thought there was a limit on how you can dress according to age. I actually love when people embrace who they are and what they love to wear, I can not understand why anyone else would not? And if we really think about it, nobody really cares whether or not you dress too young or too old, and people who do, have issues within themselves they need to deal with if they are so concerned about what others wear. Wear whatever you want, girl!

    Caroline |


  2. I don’t follow trends, but I believe you can’t look current unless you evolve your style over time and incorporate some trendy stuff to your looks… No matter how old you are. It is most of all very important to adapt to changing needs – our bodies, lifestyle, work and style preferences – as we move through life. My motto: Be You and Embrace Life!

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