Get Rid Of Your Bodyshaper; 13 Easy Ways To Fake An Hourglass Figure

You can spend an endless amount of time in the gym, eat less than the 1,200 calories recommended for your body, and do cleanses once a month…none of this means you are going to the way your outfit looks on you.  Although it should!  There are easier ways to give yourself that hourglass figure.  I’m not talking about one of those tummy squeezing contraptions.
“Your tummy can never be too flat and your pockets can never be too fat”… I remixed the motto, “You can never be too thin or too rich.”  because you can be too thin.  Following this motto is the one of the reasons why I do the side profile tummy check after getting dressed.  Also because I’ve never been a fan of a body shaper.  They are uncomfortable, hot, and I’ve always felt like lying.  I mean if I have a pudge, I have a pudge…no use in lying about it, right?!  If you find yourself looking for the hourglass silhouette without crushing your ribs with a body shaper then you have found yourself in the right place.  Here are style tips you can use to snatch your waist WITHOUT the use of one of those body shaper thing-ys.
1. Wear High Waisted Anything – It cover the tummy which keeps it from poking out over your waistband (if you have that problem.)
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2. Wear Heels – They make everything look more firm and your butt sits higher.  Plus, if you are walking in them correctly, your stomach will be tucked in and shoulders back.  Great posture makes for a great silhouette.
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3. Get Yourself A Good Bra, Honey – A good bra gives you good cleavage.  Double boob isn’t a good look.
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4. Undies or Commando – If you choose to wear underwear, make sure they are your size.  Like wearing the wrong size bra, panties that are too tight can make your tummy and hips look big creating more rolls then you might’ve had in the first place!
how to hide tummy red skirt and top set
Hydrant Top & Skirt
5. The Front Tuck – Slightly tucking in the front of your top will make your stomach look slimmer and butt appear to be bigger.  This small little tuck makes a HUGE difference.
Looking at fabric
6. Check Your Material – Thin, cheap material on your lower half could expose all of the things you are trying to keep to yourself.
7. Something Fit N’ Flare – This style of dress comes in at the waist and slightly flares at the hips helping you to achieve just the hourglass silhouette you have been aiming for.
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Hello Merlot Top & Skirt Set 
8. Go Monochromatic – Wear the same color on the top and bottom creating a sleek look.
9. Covering From Head To Toe Is A No-Go – how more than material.  A maxi that covers you from head to toe isn’t a bad idea at all.  But opening a few buttons at the top or bottom (for instance) defines the waist and hips.
10. Properly Placed Cutouts – The upper part of the waist, right under the boobs, is the smallest part of the waist on everyone!  A small cutout displaying only THAT area will make your waist look tiny!
11. Zipper Placement – With dresses, the front zipper focuses on the stomach, a back zipper draws attention to the booty, and a side zipper accentuates the hips.  Consider the location of the zipper.
12. Get To Know The Power Of A Good Accessory –  A belt or harness can cinch in the waist anything that you wear.  Just don’t pull it so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
13. Dressing For Balance – Oversized top & bottom will make you look bigger – Here are some outfit ideas.
Which tips are your favorite or share your in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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