Fearless Woman: Nancy Kurspahic

Happy Fearless Woman Friday.  I am so happy to introduce you all to a new set of fearless women who are going their thing!

Todays’ fearless lady is Nancy Kurspahic.  She worked with agencies for more than ten years until realizing how unhappy and stressed she was. Thats when she decided to quit working on the dreams of others and started working on her own goals and aspirations.    Seeing as though she had a 5-month old baby and no longer had the security of a paycheck became frightening.   But she turned things around with Miami Crowd.  Miami Crowd is a consulting firm she created, which helps businesses succeed through public relations and social media management.  We reached out to this fearless entrepreneur to get some details on living fearlessy and here is she said…

What was the final straw that made you quit your job and take a risk.

I would have to travel away from my newborn for a week and wasn’t given time off to make arrangements for more assistance at home.

What have you learned about yourself?

Everyone has their limits and in the hardest moments we learn what we will tolerate.  Those hard moments mold us into stronger individuals.

What is it like to juggle family and entrepreneurship?

Nothing in life is easy.  There is no step by step recipe on how to balance life.  You just do the best you can and make sure to communicate with your family.

What keeps you motivated?

Thinking back on how unhappy I was…motivates me to keep going.

What one tip would you share with others that let fear hold them back?

Don’t wait.  We all continue to wait for another time.  Just make that time now.  Even if its a small step that will make you take the next step.

Want to keep up with Nancy? Follow her on IG & Twitter @miamicrowd or check out her website www.miamicrowd.com.

Feeling inspired?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Stay Fearless 💋

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