What Is Mod & Why We Are Feeling It

The term “mod” is actually short for modernists. During the 50s, modernists were described as young people in Britain who had discretionary money to spend on clothes and glam after WWII. These youngsters had a lavish sense of style.  It could be seen in their outfits which featured bold colors & prints, clean lines & structured silhouettes, mini skirts & shift dresses.  Plus, an array of impressive tailored pieces.  They matched these stylish pieces with statement-making accessories like bucket hats, knee high socks and box clutches more.

📸 by Pinterest
mod shift dress
📸 by Pinterest
📸 by Pinterest

To me, Mod is sleek and elegant simplicity.  An upscale way to display a silhouette.  Mod styles are a gold mine in you want to build a capsule collection or simply looking for pieces that you will be able to wear all of the time.

Choker Necklace Dress
Model – Drusilla Shay | 📸 – Natey Nartey

The Keeping It Mod Dress (hence the name) is my top mod inspired option at BLB.  If you are in need of more.  No worries.  You will also see a nod to mod in the soon to be released Fashion Not Fear Collection!

What are your thoughts on the Mod style?!  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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