How To Have Confidence In Your Uniqueness


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While you might be fearless, you’re only human, and we all have areas where we lack confidence.  In particular, we often have fashion fears that hold us back due to the fear of what the outside world might think.  

Indeed, we often feel shy or at least reluctant to truly stand out from the crowd in terms of our outfits, yet there are two fundamental principles that mean you can have more confidence in your personal style no matter what you’re wearing or what situation you find yourself in.

Confidence is like a snowball, in that, the more confidence you have the more confident you become, and whilst confidence is something internal, dressing well is like wrapping up a precious gift… the most important thing is the gift that’s inside, not how it’s packaged, but does the packaging affect the way people view and respond to the gift that’s inside?  You bet.

Therefore, it’s important we come across well – but what’s more important is that we are comfortable and confident in our own personal style; and there are two core areas that you want to look at in this realm; the first it to pick clothes that express your unique personality in the sense they are focused on your own personal tastes, and secondly, ensure you are dressed in a way that allows you to relax and be comfortable in your environment.


Try not to be swept up with current fashion trends as these are ever changing and subject to the opinion of the masses – rather than your own personal opinion.  Make sure you choose clothes that you, personally, love. Don’t rely on someone else’s opinion. Have an opinion of your own and flesh out your wardrobe on the basis of what you like.  If you want to wear a name necklace then wear a name necklace.  Your fashion is your own unique choice, it should be up to you what you want to wear, not dictated by fashion magazines or peers.


You don’t want to feel uptight about what you’re wearing.  Imagine, going to the gym, and knowing that your t-shirt is a little too small so that when you put your hands above your head, the base of the t-shirt rises, revealing your stomach.  The key point is that you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in what you’re wearing – try to avoid clothes that might be super fashionable but make it hard to move or just make you feel uncomfortable.

So, there are the two fundamental principles to having more confidence in your unique style – dress in a way that expresses who you are according to your tastes (rather than following the fashion lemmings) and make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable enough to allow you to relax and be the person you truly are.

Remember, you are unique.  Just like your fingerprints or DNA, nobody is the same as you, therefore you were born to stand out not blend in.  Have confidence in yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

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