Creating My Passion Almost Caused Me To Lose My Eye

I’ve shared so much of my journey in creating the Fashion Not Fear Collection.  From picking the fabrics, to enlisting the help of my mom and Aunt…you name it.  But I must admit that something terrified me during this process and I think it might be time to share it.
It had been a long day of sewing.  On this particular day, the sewing machine was not trying to work with me.  It was like we had gotten into an argument of something.  I started the day with 5 needles for the sewing machine that were tucked away in a drawer.  A few hours into the day, the machine stalled and the fabric was somehow stuck in the machine.  I cut and pulled until it was finally released.  I scrap that dress, cut out the pattern to another one, pin its’ seam and put it through the sewing machine.  Almost immediately, the damn needle broke.  I go into my sewing needle stash and replace it.  Started back sewing and it happened again!  Like a dummy, I kept doing the same thing.  Replacing the needle, starting the machine again and watching the needle break almost instantly.  What the hell??!  But something happened on the last needle, I did the same routine but this time the needle didn’t break off and fall into the machine like it did the other 4 times.  Nope, this time that needle broke off and flew towards my eye!
It was like it happened in slow motion.  I remember closing my eye and putting my hand up to it.  “What’s wrong?”  my fiancé runs over to ask.  “I think something hit my eye” I reply.  I move my hand and he finds the pointy end of the sewing needle laying on the my eyelashes.  When he shows me his findings…I almost fainted.
 “What if that went into my eyeball?”
“What if I lost my eye or became blind in it??”
I was seriously freaking out!  I run over to the mirror to find my eye super, red and watery.  I couldn’t help but to stare at it.  Thank God for my eyelashes.  My real lashes.  (With mascara, of course.)  But seriously, who knows what would’ve happened?
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to end work for the night.  I had to continue on.  Yet another trip to the store for more needles.  A girl has deadlines to meet.  Before starting back up, I decided to do some troubleshooting to find out why the hell does this keep happening?  Apparently, it wasn’t threaded properly.  Why didn’t I look this up after the first time that shit happened??  Lesson learned.
Needless to say, the rest of the night was spent pushing the foot pedal and blocking my face.  It was a interesting night.   The release date is only 8 days away.  And would’ve all been worth it.
Thoughts?!  Has something like that ever happened to you??  Let me know in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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