Common Fashion Challenges That Women Face

Regarding fashion, women seem to bear all the ups and downs. The positives and negatives seem centered around the countless women looking to spend a fortune on clothing and accessories. With women clothing retail sales hitting $28 million in 2020, it is easy to say that fashion is almost synonymous with ladies. Knowing this all too well, here are some annoying clothing problems you may be no stranger to.

  1. The one-size-fits-all mirage

In almost every retail store, you are bound to come across female clothing with the description, one-size-fits-all. It can be confusing trying to figure out how this is possible. Women have different body sizes, which explains their need to find appropriate cuts that complement their figures. However, the one-size-fits-all tag seems to throw a monkey wrench into the general expectation.

So, many ladies fall for what may be a clothing marketing gimmick only to realize that the dress doesn’t fit at all. The debate on this issue centers around the subtle ways clothing brands may be enforcing their own idealized body standards on ladies. Hopefully, more will buy clothes based on individual body sizes and not bunk their hopes on a one-size-fits-all dress.

  1. The tricky Spanx on bloated days

This American-owned underwear maker is estimated to be worth $400 million as of 2020. Designed with the female in mind, Spanx focuses on hiding lumps, creases, and folds on the body. When worn under tight clothing, it helps project a smooth and well-contoured female body. However, there is one little thing about wearing Spanx. This compressing shapewear can sometimes feel too tight on the body.

Women experience monthly hormonal fluctuations that may cause bloating, especially in the waist and tummy regions. And wearing Spanx on these bloated days can be pretty uncomfortable. Indeed, some ladies can endure it, but others may have to hold on until the bloated feeling disappears. It can sometimes be a real bummer when you cannot tuck that tummy in with Spanx on a bloated day.

  1. Panty lines challenges

Have you ever worn slightly snug clothing only to realize that the panty edges are on full display? This is an experience many women can relate to. According to styling experts, these result from poor panty fittings or sub-standard quality. It could explain why many American women prefer thongs to normal-sized panties.

If this is a problem you deal with, you can look for quality underwear retailers online such as EBY. They run a women’s underwear subscription, and you receive a new set of quality seamless panties every three months to fit your body type. You can forever say goodbye to visible panty lines by wearing seamless underwear with laser-cut thin edges.

  1. Jean pants with fake pockets.

Many ladies have admitted to buying new jeans only to realize later that they have no pockets. What seemed like pockets are sealed inside, and there’s no way to even fit a shopping receipt. While this is not a problem with male pants, females have to endure what could be most described as disappointing. One school of thought believes the absence of pockets compels women to invest in dressing bags and cute purses. It could be true if you wish to play the devil’s advocate.

Regardless of these problems, women continue to spend a fortune on clothing. Hopefully, you will become more circumspect the next time you go shopping.

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