4 Style You Can Shop If You’re Feeling The Return Of The 90s Trend


90s fashion was on two different spectrums.  There were those that were all about sexy and showing it.  Then you had the other group of fashionistas that were all about grunge and oversized.  

I, for one, have always been a fan of 90s style.  I did live through it!  However, I was in both categories.  There was times would you catch me at school in a slip dress with a t-shirt underneath.  Then other days, I would wear one of my brothers flannels with baggy jeans and crop.  It just depended on my mood and what the school was going to let me get away with for the day.  

90s styles are here and aren’t going a place.  The key is in the details of updating it.   Here are 4 styles you can rock that are scream…I LOVE THE 90s!!!

90s inspired blazer dress inspired

Janet Jackson rocked the blazer dress like no one else in the 90s.

janet jackson 90s blazer dress

The Unflinting Blazer Dress will have you channeling your inner Janet.

black blazer dress

Unflinting Blazer Dress $50

the overall dress

Overalls are the epitome of 90s fashion.  Whether its a dress or pants.  Brittany Murphy happily wore her overall dress in the 90s.  Plus, she paired it with all of the 90s accessories we love.

brittany murphy overal dress 90s

The Gallant Dress has an update with ruffle sleeves!

The Gallant Dress $49

sheer 90s style

drew barrymore in sheer top

Drew Barrymore reigned in this simple sheer top paired with a tank in the 90s.  The Sheer It Up Top is the exact way I recently wore this 90s style to happy hour.

sheer top

Sheer It Up Top $19.99

tie up detail dress

halle berry in 90s dress

Everyone #WCW, Halle Berry, looked amazing in the all black look with tie up detail.  The Too Tied Dress will leave feeling all Halle-like.

sophia Griffith miss black teen us ambassador

Too Tied Dress $29.99

This tie-up 90s stile is also available in a jumpsuit.

black jumper, strappy, blue labels boutique

Too Tied Jumper $39.99

Thoughts on these looks?  What was your favorite 90s style?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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