Fearless Woman: Jackie Parry

Happy Fearless Woman Friday

Todays fearless woman has such a great story!  It left me feeling like I have some real changes to make and questioning, “Am I doing enough?” 🤔   This is why…

Jackie Parry is a professional Maritime commercial skipper, Maritime teacher and author of four best-selling books.  She’s also a speaker on topics including sailing, travel, life, writing and navigation.

Now you see what I mean?!  I couldn’t wait to share this fearless womans story of how she happily lives the fearless life on her own terms.  But I’ll let her tell her own story.  Let the inspiration begin…

Check out some of these breathtaking pictures from some of her travels.

What do you think of Jackies’ journey?!  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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