Whats The Deal With This Headwrap Addiction?

Headwraps are a big part of my life. And has been since I’ve had hair on my head. I cant say that I can speak for everyone but the majority of black girls were raised knowing all about the headwrap. My mama always said to tie on one to cover my hair every single night before bed.  To make hair easier to manage in the morning.  Tie one on to keep my hair clean or smooth the edges. Hell, I even keep one in my purse so I can tie it on when I open the sunroof.

It so essential that everyone in my life has a head wrap story about me. My fiancé will wake me up from a dead sleep to tie it on my head if I’m sleep without it. I’ve been dropped off by a designated driver, only to call her crying 30 minutes later because I left my head wrap in the car. She was nice enough to drive it all the way back to me. I’ve even gotten into a tiff with my mom cause I thought she had my head wrap at her house and was just keeping it from me. It is crucial! But why is it so crucial?  Besides the bore-mentioned, nothing else was ever explained.  Lately, I’ve found myself wondering about its’ history.

I was surprised to see that there is so much information out there! One things for sure; there is much more to it then just tying a piece of fabric around the hair.   Here are a few things I found:

For one, headwraps originated around the sub-Saharan Africa area. It was used to convey modesty, spirituality & prosperity. In America during slavery times, slave owners required the wrap as a badge of enslavement. While the ones they were trying to enslave actually viewed the head wrap as a helmet of courage.

Unbeknownst to me, the tying style is culturally specific. Some research has shown that head wraps worn in Africa represents many things such as culture, beauty and social status. While in America; black woman see it as a symbol of survival, and courage, amongst other things. Wearing a head wrap has different meaning for each person. Brace yourself for the next image. Just ignore that whole mask thing. 👀

blb owner with mask and head wrap on

Obviously, the front tie is one of my go-to styles.  Sunday spa days at home are the best!
[To Do: Wrap scarf around back of heads with loose ends toward the front. Twist each end together to form a rope like design. Wrap the fabric around itself in a circular motion. Tuck the excess.]

Given its rich history, my connection to the headwrap makes perfect sense to me now.

Thoughts?  Do you wear headwraps? If so, why?! Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

[Source: char.txa.cornell.edu]

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