Meet The Tiny Hipster

I stumbled across Audrey L., aka @tinyhipster_ on IG and I’m so happy that I did!  It was  immediately evident that she embraces her unique self.  She defines what it is to live in fashion not fear.  Which is why I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in styling something from BLB and she said, “yes!”

I sent this beauty one of her picks from the shop and I must say that she did not disappoint!  Check out how she styled the Always Royal Skirt, haircare tips, the most fearless living and more!

blue split front skirt blue labels boutique

How would you describe your style?

I always say, your style says a lot about you. How you uniquely put pieces together can tell a story or even show the mood that you are in. I like to think of my sense of style as one that is eclectic. I usually have an assortment of unique and more importantly affordable outfits with a splash of creativity whether in my accessories or choice of hairstyle as that allows me to maintain my individuality in an ever so growing uniform fashion world.

tiny hipster in blue split front blue labels boutique skirt

Where does your style inspiration come from?

I draw my style inspiration from literally anywhere, be it from flowers, art, or music. I have no restraints as to where I draw my inspiration. More specifically I absolutely love Tracy Ellis Ross and Solange sense of style. Their outfits usually inspires me to find a way to express my creativity through fashion. Their mixture of bold prints, colors and patterns just always screams authenticity!

tiny hipster in blue labels boutique skirt split front skirt

You are giving good hair vibes on your IG, what’s your haircare regime?

I usually apply Water, Coconut Oil, Clarifying Shampoo and Protein Treatment to my hair. These products have been essential in hydrating and moisturizing my hair, and also helps in decreasing protein loss and breakage.

ting hipster in blue skirt from blue labels boutique

If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be? 

It would definitely have to be the color green! Which is my favorite color. Its been said that green signifies growth, rebirth and fertility. Green is also a lucky color and there are many shades of green to choose from which makes for popping outfit choices lol


What is the most fearless thing you have ever done? 

I think the most fearless thing I have ever done is to embrace and cherish my authentic self be it in fashion, my personality or the choices I make in life. Because in a world full of uniformity and followers, it’s ok to be like “nah this ain’t for me”

Go follow @tinyhipster_ right now.  Feeling her style?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


Always Royal Skirt $35

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