Your Brunch Will Be Lit With These 6 Tips

When I was a teenager, I used to think of brunch as something snobby, sidity people did on Saturdays at overpriced hotel restaurants.  Visions of older women in Chanel suits wearing oversized shades, carrying a miniature size dog in their leather satchel while calling everyone, “darling” danced in my head.

Fast forward some years and my perspective has completely changed.  If you asked now, I’d say, that brunch is a great way to celebrate the completion of another hard week of work.  It’s the ultimate welcome party for the mini vacation that we call the weekend.  When done properly, there is good food, light-hearted conversation that don’t involve work, strong mimosas, and a cute ass outfit!

Here are 6 tips a fashion chic can use when planning her next brunch.

blue labels boutique brunch invitation paperless post blog

(Invite made per Paperless Post)

  1. Invites are important!  Yes, texting is convenient and there is nothing wrong with sending one.  But an invitation can set the precedence for a good party.  It gets people excited for what’s to come over a yet message.

mimosas at brunch

2. Ok, now that you have enticed your guests with whats to come, you have to make sure that the other components of the party lives up to it.  First things first, the mimosas.  People hear brunch and automatically think of mimosas or is it just me?  Nevertheless, they will inevitably be the star of the event. Because if they are watered down, warm, or somehow unpleasant, your guests won’t hesitate to say it.  Thankfully,the recipe is pretty easy.  Mix 1 part champagne with 1 part orange juice in a champagne flute.   But if want different, this Cranberry Mimosa Recipe  is a nice alternative.  Don’t forget to garnish. 😉

pic of brunch food
📷 by Sasha Zvereva

3.  The food is important but after a drink or two, people are going to eat the food anyway.  If the mimosas are the star, then consider food to be its’ co-star.  Breakfast staples likes bacon, eggs, muffins, and fruit is fitting.  While turkey sandwiches, salad, and soups are nice options to include lunch options.

iphone laying on counter
📷 by Álvaro Serrano

4.  Music – Your attendees will be sitting pretty on your couch or dropping it like it hot in the kitchen based on your music selection.  If hiring a DJ isn’t in the budget, save yourself some money by using your phone.  Create a playlist of popular songs, oldies and albums that can play on rotation.

dominos on table
📷 by Moritz Schmidt

5.  Have an activity/entertainment – You can break out a board game or karaoke if you are having a small soiree.  But for bigger events, go big with live entertainment, or a runway show.  Entertaining your guests is a must!

  6.  The Party Host Must Be Fly – A mini or maxi dress, OTS top with denim, or whatever you feel good in is the best option.   Pick something that you look just as good picking up trash as you would dancing in, thats all part of being a good host.  The party must go on!

Are you a fan of brunch?  What tips would you add?

Stay Fearless 💋

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