Fearless Woman: Shanon Lee

Happy Fearless Woman Friday 💙

As you know, on Fearless Woman Friday we shine the spotlight on a woman who is well…fearless.  Your idea of what it means to be fearless may be something completely different from how I or anyone else in the world defines it.  Someone might consider themselves to be fearless because they ran a marathon that they never thought they could.  Being fearless could be the person who quit their comfy cubicle job with a consistent paycheck, to become an aspiring signer with no paycheck.  That’s really what they wanted to do but that little voice (or the voices around them) said it could never happen.  Being fearless is simply, living the life that you want, accomplishing your goals without letting fear hold you back from doing whatever that IT is.  You define your own fearless life.

I’m happy to introduce Shanon Lee as this weeks’ Fearless Woman.  This writer and filmmaker shares her story on how she survived rape and domestic violence.  And the mantras that she shares are perfect!

And don’t miss her movie…

Shanon Lee movie, Marital Rape Is Real

Feeling inspired?  Let us know…

Stay Fearless and cheers to the friggin’ weekend! 💋 🍸

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