Here Is What Happened at The Shops At La Cantera Pop Up: Part 1

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend filled with doing all of the things that make your heart happy! After all, isn’t that what the weekends are for, after the hustle you put in throughout the week?

I am happy too say that my weekend was certainly filled with one of the things that make my heart happy.  Last week, we announced that we would be participating in The Spring Market held at The Shops At La Cantera in San Antonio, Tx.   The event is for 8 days.  Opening day was Thursday through Sunday (yesterday).  Here is how the first weekend went.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, setting up a pop up shop is no easy task.  It involves checking inventory, sourcing new pieces, pricing, hanging, setting up a canopy and much more. The planning for the event starts waaay before the event actually begins.  In order to save time, I try to do as much pre-work as possible, that way, I won’t be a hot & sweaty mess before the event actually begins.  Which is why I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday doing last minute things like putting together clothing racks and testing out my idea of a pop up dressing room. But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Upon arrival on Thursday morning, my fiancé and I loaded everything on the back of my dads truck and drove (through San Antonio morning traffic 🙀) to The Shops At La Cantera.  We found the designated space and proceeded to unload boxes, racks, etc and carry them from the parking lot to our space.  So much for not being a sweaty mess.

About 2 hours later, BLB was set up and ready to go!  The only one thing missing was the dressing room.   After 6 clothing racks and a 6 foot long table, there was no room left in the 10×10 space for this…

blue tentJPG

Oh well, maybe next time. The show must go on, so lets do this!

blb owner at pop up shop

Any day that I can connect with people and introduce them to Blue Labels Boutique, is what I would consider a successful day. I certainly got a chance to meet new people who who adore unique dresses and accessories as much as I do!

pic of glam fringe dress blue labels boutique
IG Pic @arleen_popup_queen

During the weekend, I happily answered lots of questions, “Where do you get the clothes from?”, “What size would you recommend?”, “How often do you get new stuff?” But one of the most frequent questions asked was, “Is this a purse?”

camera bag and sunglasses blue labels boutique

“Yes…yes it is.”  I would answer.

On Thursday & Friday the weather was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   But on Saturday, things changed. The temp dropped to 60 and it was super windy! My canopy kept taking flight and I almost passed out every single time.  I spent alot of time holding it with one hand or praying to God that it landed on its feet.  (Note to self: put sandbags on all four legs and not just the back two). Not to mention the fact that the wind almost knocked a clothing rack right onto a customer!  Thank goodness she had quick hands and didn’t get hurt. Needless to say, I was horrified. 🙀  (Sorry again ma’am, if you’re reading this.)

The connections I made were immeasurable.  For instance, on my first day I met a women who worked at a department store in the area.  She bought a dress however, she had to return it the next day because it didn’t fit.  I processed her refund and she left  but, she came back shortly to give me a Starbucks coffee.  “Thanks but you didn’t have to do that!”  I said with surprise.  Her reply was, “I know, I’m doing it as a blessing.”  It’s so nice to be reminded that there are still really nice and thoughtful people left in the world.

holding coffee at blue labels boutique pop up shop

So, that was the first weekend in a nutshell. It was quite the adventure.  Thanks to everyone who came out to shop with me! Don’t forget that you still have time to shop with the pop up this weekend.  Come out to The Shops At La Cantera in San Antonio from Thursday (4/27) to Sunday (4/30) from 10a-6pm!

Stay Fearless 💋

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