#WomenLove…Effortless Ways For Women To Show Support To Eachother

We see it all of the time.  People comparing women to each other and then “picking a side” based on insignificant details like looks, their spouse, hair, what they eat, their shoes…just about everything.  

For instance…with female performers, society seems to feel the need to decide which is better so that they can trash the other one.   As if, you aren’t allowed to be a fan of both.

If there are a group of sisters, people will decide which sister is better so they can throw shade at the other sister.   It’s like can a sister get a break?? lol  But it doesn’t seem to happen as often with men.  Would you agree?  

Nevertheless, we can’t stop the haters from hating.  But we CAN support eachother by spreading love and positivity  to other women.  

Here’s are some ideas…

reaching for cell phone

On social media

  • Like a pic
  • Leave a comment
  • Share a pic
  • Don’t Like, Comment, or Share posts that are tearing another women down

women having fun

In person

  • Give a compliment
  • Smile at each other
  • Pay it forward by buying coffee for the woman behind you in the drive thru line.

blue labels boutique pop up

In business

  • Buy from a woman-owned business
  • Attend their social events 
  • Keep your mouth closed if you can’t think of anything nice to say
  • Address your concerns professionally with solutions and without negativity


With finances and time

  • Volunteer at womens shelters
  • Give back to charities that support women.  (In case you’re looking for a charity…feel free to cop one of Fearless Women Tees and 10% is donated to the Black Girls Code Organization)
  • Offer your support when you can
  • Schedule time to spend with girlfriends for cocktails and conversation.  (Sometimes that is all a girl needs.)

These are all easy enough, right?  We can’t change everyone but we can do our part.  Only positive things can come your way when you do.  Do you agree that we are always pitted against each other? What’s your tip for battling against it?  Let me know in the comments.

Stay Fearless 💋

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