SHOTS From The SPIRIT Runway Show Are Here!

From sketches to fabric choices, lost packages and outfits that didn’t fit…you have been well informed on everything that led up to the SPIRIT Fashion Show.  Its’ only right that you get to see pictures from the runway, right?!   Couldn’t agree with you more! 

 The setup was amazing and the crowd was definitely ready for a fabulous event.

Photo by: destinylrdr
Photo by: destinylrdr

Are you ready to see shots from the runway??? 

models lined up at runway show
Photo by @destinylrdr

Take a look at all of the Fashion Not Fear styles that hit the runway and in this order…

ruffleburgundydressbackwithlogo.jinntonicDark Romance Dress | Model: Dominique Aruede | Photo: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Brassy Top & Brassy Skirt | Model: Mabel Tsado |Photo: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Little Red Dress | Model: Tiara | Photo by: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Garden Party Top & Garden Party Skirt | Model: Shadie Ellington | Photo By: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Serious Business Top & Skirt | Model: Mayowa | Photo By: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Tangy Dress | Model: Cassia | Photo By: Christina Jin @jintonic


Femme Floral | Model: Baylea Anderson | Photo By: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Just Cooling Open Jacket & Skirt Set | Model: Bridget Mensah | Photo By: Christina Jin @jinntonic


Neon Mix Top & Neon Mix Skirt | Model: Courtney Holloman | Photo By: Christina Jin @jinntonic

I would like to thank all of the models who killed it on the runway for Fashion Not Fear.  Each one of them worked the look that was made for them.  Plus, an extra special thanks to my Mom who donated her time in making the masks.  I gave her my vision and let her go!

Now, for the even better news:  you can shop all of the looks on, right now!!!  Which styles are your favorite??  Let me know in the comments….

Stay Fearless 💋

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