Lets Talk: Why Do Women Want To Be Like Barbie?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know that I certainly did.  Driving senior citizens around from one over-crowded store to another might not seem like fun.  But it is what I did over the weekend. It was actually a great time and full of laughs.

After all of that, I spent the night catching up on the latest in fashion news,  business, music, and everything in between.  During my scrolling session, the question occurred to me; “Why do so many women want to be like Barbie?”  The question came to me at that particular moment after scrolling past the third article where the writer was either comparing someone to Barbie. Or the person being interviewed was comparing themselves to Barbie.  Real shit.  This isn’t the first time this question has popped into my head.  This is just the first time I’m asking you about it.  But really, there are countless articles and posts out where celebrities (of any capacity)  are said to be “channeling Barbie”.  From hip hop artists to the everyday girls.  You know the look…super straight, super long blonde hair, tiny waist and something pink.  Then you have those who #Barbie on social media, others label themselves the (insert ethnicity here) Barbie.  From plastic surgery to giving her a shoutout in a songs and videos…the list goes on and on.  But why?!
Even as a little girl, I never had the desire to own a Barbie.  She was never on my Christmas or Birthday list.  I didn’t watch the Barbie cartoon, rock a t-shirt or anything like that.  She just wasn’t for me.  I didn’t know much of her then and can’t say that I know much more now.  Besides that she debuted in the 50’s (although a black version was introduced YEARS later).  She has held over 180 careers, which is certainly inspiring.  But it explains how she has a waist of about 18” inches, if her measurements were realistic.  Who has time to eat with all of those jobs?!
Young girls need someone to look up to.  I get that.  So, if Barbie inspired one to become a successful entrepreneur, who am I to say that she shouldn’t look up to her.  I see no fault in that.  But why are grown women doing the comparing, copying, surgeries, shout outs and all that?  Does who you look up to change as you get older?!  I mean a Barbie doll was created to look like Misty Copeland, too.  But I’d much rather say that I admire Misty, a real person who actually made her dreams happen or a doll.  No shade to Barbie, but am I missing something?  School me, if I am!
Are you a Barbie-lover or no?!  What are your thoughts on women going extra hard trying to be like her?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments.  Let’s talk!
Stay Fearless 💋

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