13 Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Eating or Movies

Whether it’s a first date or date number 1,099…date nights are important.  Would you agree?  For instance, when you’re meeting someone for the first time it’s all about what events take place.   Sure, you can go on a blind date to the movies but how do you get to know someone when you’re in a no talking zone?

But what about when you’ve been with someone for a while?  Movies and dinner are a given.  I mean, in 12 years of being with my boo, if we haven’t done anything else…we’ve seen alot of movies and ate a lot of food!  There’s always a new movie coming out or a new restaurant opening.  There’s no lack of opportunities in that area.  But in order to keep things solid for the long haul, a girl has to get creative!

Here are 13 (budget-friendly) date ideas where eating is optional and dark rooms with movies playing aren’t allowed.

group of couples double dating on bikes

  1. Buzzed Biking – Instead of going to a restaurant for mimosas at brunch, take them on the road!  Mix a mimosa in a cup with lid or thermos, take your bikes to a park, and take turns sipping while you bike around.  The laughter will be endless and so will the sweat on your t-shirt.  But don’t go too hard, you still have to drive home.

couple holding hands while driving

2. Fill up the tank.  Drive around and window shop for dream homes in your city.  Making future goals for bigger and better will ignite serious bonding time.  

playing video games

3.  Play his video game or watch his team.  If you Bae is a gamer, then nothing will make him more happy than you sitting down and partaking in one of his games.  They will appreciate your interest (even if you could really care less).  The same works if they can’t leave the couch because their favorite team is playing.  Make it even more interesting by making a friendly wager.

photo of chess games
📷 by Maarten Van Den Heuvel

4. Be a big kid again.  Break out the board game.  You are never too old to play an ol’ skool board game. There’s nothing more fun than some friendly competition.

black and white pic of hose eyes
📷 by Trent Hancock

5.  Saddle Up – There are many ranches and beach areas that offer one hour of horseback riding for a reasonable rate.  Horseback riding can be quite romantic.

hiking in the woods

6. Hiking –  You don’t have to have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to consider yourself a hiker.  Search for hiking trails in your area and get ready to see nature.  Don’t forget the water, a hat, and good tennis shoes.  Meet fellow hikers and see scenery from a whole ‘nother perspective.  Play music that keeps you going or listen to a podcast that you never got a chance to hear.  By the time you make it back to the car, you will be sweaty yet somehow relaxed. Plus, you might just find that the views alone are so worth it.

Sérgio Alves Santos photo of cocktails
📷 by Sérgio Alves Santos

7.  Meet for happy hour.  After a long day of work, sometimes a couple just needs a cocktail or two, to decompress. This is the perfect time to do just that. For the most part, drinks are inexpensive.  Sit at the bar,  laugh and discuss the days stress, then leave it right there at the bar.  There’s no use in taking in home.

pic of woman hanging painting
Kashmir Art | http://www.kashmirviii.com

8.  Explore your creative side.  Theatrical plays, spoken word, art galleries and museums are a fun way to learn about something new.  Whether you get something out of it or not, it will surely make for some interesting conversation.   Plus, you can consider this your chance to dress super girly.  You will never be too overdressed, trust me. 😏

playing paintball

9.  Take It Out All On Him With Paintball – Burn calories, laugh like crazy and strategize on how to take him down!  But let me tell you, it hurts when you get hit.  I don’t care how “soft” the pellets are supposed to be.  Nevertheless, its a date you won’t forget if you don’t mind mixing pain with pleasure.


10. Take a day or weekend to getaway.  A quick trip to a close by city can definitely give you a much needed surge of energy for the upcoming week. And to make it even more interesting, why not tool around the city in something different?  Turo, can help that dream come try with their peer-to-peer car rental.  They have a unique selection of both classic and rare cars available to rent. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to drive around in a convertible or a retro van that reminds you of the Scooby Doo days?   You just might be able to find out.


11.  A couple that sweats together, sticks together.  Sign up for a new fitness class and make it a date.  There’s so many different trends out there when it comes to fitness these days.  Silk ropes, bootcamps, spinning, boxing,..the options are endless.  Before heading home, stop by a juice shop.

pic of blue scrabble letters

12.  Take it from A to Z.  Write out all of the letters in the alphabet on a piece of paper, fold up each piece and put them in a ziplock bag.  Each month take turns pulling a letter.  The puller must plan a date that corresponds with the letter. Things can get very creative!  Can you imagine pulling Z?!

couple kissing on graffiti wall

13.  Graffiti Search – Although illegal in some areas, I’ve found graffiti to be one of the coolest forms of expression out there.  The vibrate colors, unique names, various points of views, etc.  Of course, you will see it more in some areas than others but searching is all part of the fun.  Graffiti can make for amazing backgrounds and unique photo ops. Your IG feed will be happy too!

You enjoy eating a nice meal that you didn’t have to cook or catching a movie that actually has a good ending.  Who doesn’t?!  But at least now you have 13 date ideas that will keep you out of the restaurants and movie theater when you’re not in the mood.  Have a budget-friendly date idea?  Share it!

Stay Fearless 💋









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