Fearless Woman: Desh Dixon

Happy Friday, we finally made it!  Am I the only one who’s ready to kick off the heels and pop a bottle? Soon enough, let’s get to the business, for now. 🍷

 I am super excited to share with you the story of this weeks’ fearless woman.  Desh Dixon is author of the book, “No More Broken Records: 5 Tips To Change Your Tune and Transform Your Life”.  She finished the book in 2014 but the judgement she feared would come along with opening herself up kept her from releasing it.  Then something happened…

Find out what that was and how she is empowering other women not to settle in this episode of Fearless Woman.

She dropped some serious jewels about self worth and fearlessness, didn’t she?  Thanks for sharing!  If you to keep up with Desh, you can find her on FB @petitewithpurpose and Twitter & IG @DeshDixon, and her book is available on Amazon.


Feeling inspired?  Leave a comment!

Stay Fearless 💋

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