You Know You Are Fearless In Fashion If…


                             You know you are a modern women, fearless in fashion if

1.  You find yourself saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  No, really!  Modern women have no time to sit around and wait for people to do things for them.  They do it themselves.  And if the path hasn’t already been taken, they make their own path.

2.  You know that just because it’s made by a popular designer, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to spend your money on.

3.  You don’t care what everyone else is doing, wearing, saying, etc.  You do your own thing.

4.  You know there is no such thing as being over dressed.

5.  You understand that, “Haters Gonna Hate”.  You don’t participate.

6.  You never let them see you sweat.  Confidence is key!

7.  You know that nothing beats a good deal or a pair of comfortable, sexy shoes.

8.  You keep a f*%$ him dress on deck.  Hey, there are times when you need to put on that dress that stops traffic to remind him of what he has.

9.  You, “stay ready so you never have to get ready.”  This is one of the saying I use all of the time.  I’m not saying you should always walk around in heels, full set of makeup and a head full of weave 24/7.  But maintaining the basics like unruly brows, a mani/pedi (even if you do it yourself), and a manageable hair do’ means you will be camera ready even if you only have time to wash your face.  A modern women is always ready.

10.  You know how the garment makes you feel is just as important as the price.  There’s nothing wrong with making an investment on some pieces, right?

11.  You despise paying shipping fees!

12.  You know that having a significant other is a want rather than a need.

13.  You can cook dinner, fold clothes, run a business, maintain a household all while balancing a baby on your hip.

14.  You don’t need Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or likes from any other social media network to define your self worth, beauty, or anything else for that matter!

15.  You laugh when someone says, “You can’t do it”.

16.  You don’t have to fish for compliments.  You already know you’re working it.

17.  You enjoy a good workout and a good glass of champagne afterwards.  Nothing wrong with rewarding yourself!

18.  You makes a statement when you walk into the room without saying a word.

19.  You have no fashion fears.  “Yes, I’m trying out a new style!  What’s it to you?!”

20.  You say it like you mean it, not how they want to hear it.  Yea, so maybe you have stuck your foot in your mouth once or twice!

21.  You rather focus on how to get past something bad that happened rather than crying over why it happened.

22.  You don’t follow trends.  You set them!

                       Are you modern and fearless or what?! How many of these sound like you?

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