Fearless Woman: Episode 19

Maureen Pond - Fearless Woman - Blue Labels Boutique
Twelve years ago Maureen was a well-educated, bored employee with no savings.
She now have a successful business helping passionate entrepreneurs to earn more in less time. She has three investment properties and has appeared in major publications such as the The Age and BRW, and traveled to over 40 countries – all achieved while working less than 30 hours a week. Maureen is an entrepreneur, business coach, trainer, mentor and speaker. She loves motivating and supporting others to be their best in business – and to make some decent money! She has also had two beautiful IVF children on her own.
All this was done by being fearless and breaking down her internal emotional barriers by just going for it.
Maureen believes you can too. Life is to be lived.
Wanna keep up with Maureen?  Here’s how:

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