Little Bumps Of Happiness

Over time lots of little bumps of happiness can turn into a happier you overall! Great news. In a busy, fast, and demanding world, it is important to find happiness where you can. But what if you could create your own?

Sometimes it is the little activities that can make you happy; it doesn’t have to be big grand gestures.

So, what type of things can you do to give you those little bumps of joy and happiness?

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It should be as simple as – when you are thirsty, you drink, and when you are tired, you sleep. But most of the time, we push back by not taking a drink, will ignore how tired we are, and doing other things that we know mean we aren’t meeting our basic requirements to feel okay. 

When you feel a little bit low, ask yourself, have you been meeting your most basic needs? If the answer is no, then make a point to do so over the next few days. Most of the time, we will feel much better. 

If you can seem to shake the low feeling after a few days of proper care, then it might be time to consider talking to someone by finding your local top mental health treatment centers.


There have been more studies into gratitude than ever before – and some of the findings are very interesting. They state that when we actively practice gratitude, our brains start to react differently. The easiest way to start with gratitude is to try to make sure you point out at least one thing each morning for which you are grateful.

The more you do it, the more you will notice everything that you have. A gratitude journal is a great way to catalog all of the stuff you have that can make you feel great.

Research shows that after 14 days of practice, you will feel a boost of satisfaction that will lead to those happy emotions.


Humans are meant to be outside, although that can be harder and harder to do in this modern technology-based world. Spending time outside in the sunshine (or any weather) in the woods, green fields, or near water is great for us. People who spend time in nature have a much lower level of depression than those who don’t. 

Going for long walks in nature might not be for you… but you don’t know unless you try! Grab some walking boots and head outside. Keep doing it daily or every few days, and see how you feel.


When we were children, some of the stuff we would do to have fun was color, draw and read. Over time we stop doing those fun activities and replace them with the everyday busyness of life.

Think about the last time you got to do something creative – with no other reason but just to do it. If it was a while ago, maybe it is time to think about what you might want to do. Creating with your hands can make a huge difference to our mood. And, as an added bonus, hobbies make us happier and more confident! The more we do it, the more we get of both.

If you are looking for a health bump in confidence, check this post: Confidence Tips From A Mom, Sleepologist, and Confidence Expert – Fashion Not Fear.

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