Ouch! Post Workout Symptoms Which Are Harming Your Health Rather Than Helping It

We all embark on exercise to get fit. There’s just one problem; working out has yet to make you feel better. Far from it; every session leaves you feeling worse. And, given that you aren’t doing this for the fun of things, it’s starting to grate on your nerves.

We hear you. Not getting the results you want can be frustrating. The reality is, though, that there is always a reason behind issues like these. If it helps to put your mind at ease, there’s also usually a simple solution. So, without further ado, let’s consider how to heal these three worrying workout side effects.

woman using exercise equipment
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Extreme muscle aches

Muscle aches after exercise are a common complain. After all, the chances are that your workout is flexing muscles you’ve never used. The fact they ache is, in a way, a sign they’re strengthening. But, this should by no means cripple you. It should also fade away within a week or so. If aches stick around longer than that, it’s a sure sign something’s not right. One explanation could be that you aren’t warming up enough. This is crucial for avoiding strain. A quick session of yoga stretches before starting, for instance, can go a long way. It’s also worth considering your diet. You may not think what you eat matters, but you’d be surprised. As can be seen from sites like www.runnersworld.com, there are plenty of foods which help ease muscle pain. So, make sure to add these to your post-workout diet.




Injury is about the worst damage you can do during a workout. What’s more, this can scupper your plans by leaving you unable to continue. If you have an injury, it’s essential you seek professional help. It’s also vital you consider what caused your injury in the first place. Again, not warming up can increase risks here. It may also be that you just don’t have the knowledge you need to stay safe. Exercise is a dangerous business, and entering blind is never a good thing. Instead, talk to a fitness expert or head to sites like healthandfitnessvitality.com for tips before you get started. Through research, you may find that silly mistakes are behind your injuries. Only once you recognize these things can you practice safer habits.

Harming your mental wellness

Most exercise participants boast of improved mental functioning. And, there’s no denying exercise can help regulate chemical production in the brain. But, if you push yourself too hard, you may find your wellness suffers rather than improves. There’s just no avoiding the fact that piling on the pressure can do damage to mental health. You may get into unhealthy thought cycles, or experience real self-esteem issues. Luckily, this is the most straightforward issue to get past. All you need to do is stop focusing on an imagined end goal. Exercise shouldn’t be about hating who you are right now. Far from it. This is about loving your body enough to fall in love with exercise right now.

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