30 Minutes In Memphis

If you have been reading any of the personal stories that I have shared on FNF, you will know that this girl loves her a good road trip!  I have shared stories of my road trip adventures in the past.  From going an hour up the way to Austin,  12 hours to Denver  or trekking over 24 hours to Pittsburgh, PA.

Recently, my fiancé and I took a quick trip from San Antonio, Tx to Memphis, Tn.  When I say quick, I mean super quick, in total we spent about 30 minutes in Memphis.  If you wondering how long it takes to drive to Memphis…10hr and 52 minutes.  This doesn’t account for the snack stops, water re-ups, potty runs, and let me just stretch my legs breaks, of course.

Nevertheless, after we arrived, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at what we saw.  We have driven through Memphis plenty of times but it was never our destination, so we never had a reason to stop and check it out.  Here is what we captured in our short time of being there…

12:31 pm –  Within minutes of arriving in Memphis, we saw a sign on the freeway that referred to Graceland.  We both looked at eachother and said, “why not?”  I was surprised at the amount of people parked out in front of Elvis old home.  Guess he can still pull in the crowd?  The stonewall in front of the house was covered in signatures from people who has visited.  We jumped out of the car, took a quick pic and jumped right back in.



12:43 pm – “Wasn’t Martin Luther King killed in Memphis?  my fiancé asked as we drove off.  He sure was!  After a quick search, I found we were only minutes away from the Lorraine Motel.  Siri was to lead us to the Lorraine Motel and this time, we decided to park and tour the area.


12:50 pm – The graffiti walls in the area were filled with images of historical people and inspiration.


12:52 pm – Walking back to the car, we ran across this eclectically painted piano  It really stuck out to me because weeks’ before I caught a special on the Today Show.  It was about how these pianos were going to be placed throughout the United States in different areas and we were lucky enough to come across one!  I can’t play but it sounded good to me.


12:55 pm- Before getting back on the road, we both thought it would be great to just stop for a moment.  Viewing the Mississippi River isn’t the first body of water than comes to mind when I think of relaxing.  However, that is exactly what it was.  Although the weather was hot and humid…the serene water, the gorgeous fitness park that sits right on the bank and the beautiful waterfront homes on the other side made fora nice time to sit back and enjoy some peace and calm.


All of this within 30 minutes!  Can you imagine what a weekend might be like?  Needless to say, I’m currently in the process of planning a full weekend to Memphis.  Have you been?  Let me know your thoughts and where to visit in Memphis in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

kristie glenn
Kristie is the founder of Blue Labels Boutique, dress designer, founder of  Fashion Not Fear (the dress collection and the blog).  Currently living fearlessy in Texas.

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