Travel Talk: Style And Substance 35,000ft In The Air

The modern woman loves to travel. Not to generalize, but it’s fair to say the majority of females on this planet love to jet off to a new destination. There’s no better feeling than leaving work behind for a couple of weeks to soak in the sights of far-flung places. To get there, a plane journey is inevitable. This isn’t the 19th century when a three-month boat ride is the only option. You can land at your destination on the same day now.

Flying seems like a walk in the park. Check-in online, get through security, and sit down and relax with in-flight entertainment. However, every woman understands the perils of being 35,000ft in the air. From a style perspective, it’s a nightmare. Looking good is a priority, yet comfort is essential too. No one should endure a long-haul flight in a figure-hugging dress.

Striking a balance between style and substance in an aluminum tube isn’t straightforward. It’s not going to be an easy journey, ladies, but nothing is impossible with a splash of know-how and a pinch of determination. Here are the tricks of the trade to keep in mind.

Wear Plenty Of Layers

Airline companies are obsessed with onboard luggage. Don’t pack this, don’t bring this, and don’t do anything which involves common sense. Listen to the instructions and follow them to the letter. Otherwise, there will be a hefty fee and a dirty glance from an air stewardess waiting for you at the gate. If only there were a way around all of the silly rules and regulations.

Wearing layers is on point. Firstly, the more you have on your person, the more space there is in your suitcase. Secondly, you can never second guess the weather. One city may be boiling hot and about to burst into flames and the other may be raining and windy. Extra layers fit comfortably into a carry-on bag and ensure you’re ready for any scenario.

Stylistically, layers add contrast. Plus, they allow you to mix and match and show off your clothes collection. Even in the summer, it’s possible to layer-up without turning into a puddle. Check out Cosmopolitan for inspiration.

And Breathe

No, not in through your nose and out through your mouth. Although you shouldn’t stop breathing either or else they’ll be trouble. Carry on as normal and let your lungs do the work. Breathing in this regard is a reference to the materials on your body. Clothes come in different shapes, sizes and fabrics, and the ones you wear on a plane are essential.

To begin with, it’s important to wear things that are light and have breathable qualities. After all, being cooped up on an airplane can get hot and sweaty at times. Even with air conditioning, it’s a sticky place to be for ten hours. Clothes that keep the air flowing should limit the damage and stop you from looking like a hot mess.

Thankfully, there isn’t a better time to wear light fabrics than in the summertime. Donning thick, heavy materials is a terrible idea because of the temperatures. So, a t-shirt and shorts combination will look perfect when the sun is shining. To mix it up a little, try getting creative with patterns. Graphic T’s aren’t as popular as a couple of years ago yet there are some trendy ones on the market. Bring back boho chic with a sunhat and shades.

Pick Comfy Shoes

Footwear is the final piece of the jigsaw along with accessories. The right shoes can transform an outfit from good to great with minimal effort. Of course, there is a temptation to go big because it feels like the correct move. Nothing looks as sexy or stunning as a woman in heels. The problem is your comfort; they’re called killer heels for a reason!

Flats are the best choice as they are snug and don’t cause throbbing or blisters. Plus, you can slip them off while in your seat and let them breathe. The reason flats aren’t an automatic choice is style. In the past, they weren’t fashionable enough. Some looked as if you were about to take part in a gym class.

Nowadays, it’s all changed as crocs, sandals and flip-flops come in a variety of colors and patterns. Find out more by clicking the link. A good tip is to choose a finish which matches your mood or personality. And, teach your grandmother to suck eggs, but they have to coordinate with the rest of the outfit.

Try Compression Legwear

You’re not pregnant nor do you have a pre-existing medical condition. So, why on earth would you both with compression legwear? Well, it’s a good question if you think leggings, sock and shoes are only for the people mentioned. In reality, anyone on a long-haul flight should consider legwear to combat swelling and inflammation. All it takes is a handful of veins to struggle and the circulation will slow down, causing aches and pains.

No one wants to look like a medical patient, which is why the idea is met with resistance. But, be aware that compression leggings look precisely the same as ones from the supermarket. In fact, they’re available from all good stores and some bad ones too.

You can check out the rules here, but leggings with a summery shirt always go down well. So do tank tops and crop tops.

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Go Baggy

Loose-fitting clothes aren’t stylish according to conventional wisdom. Women who wow are the ones that exploit tailored numbers. Figure-hugging is good whereas baggy is bad. At least, that’s the myth. As it happens, it is a falsehood and one to forget.

Baggy clothes can look amazing as long as you match them with the right features. Think of a sundress. There is nothing tight or restricting about it, yet it’s colorful and vibrant and comfy. The same goes for an oversized shirt and three-quarter length pants. If you need help, hit up Refinery 29 for more.

How do you stay stylish and practical while touching the sky?

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