8 Things I Do to Fuel My Fearlessness That Has nothing To Do with Fashion

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…being fearless is hard! I mean I don’t consider myself the most fearless woman in the world. I battle with it every day. The thing about being fearless is not about not having any fear. It’s about having that fear and acknowledging it. But instead of letting it hold me back from what I want, I say, “fuck it” and do it anyway. I try to live by that motto so much that I have it tattooed on my wrist. Seriously.

I feel like it’s important to let you know that I’m not Queen Fearless, by any means. I’m human. Aren’t we all?? Although, I love a fashion moment. And feel like it’s one of the best ways to show off your fearlessness. There are other ways that I handle my fear that has absolutely, positively nothing to do with fashion .and here they are:

#1. Search for the silver lining in every “bad” situation

This is probably one of the hardest things to do. How do you find a silver lining when you lose someone you love, when the you depended on something to happen that didn’t, love money, etc? It isn’t easy but trust me there is a lesson in it that will help you find that lining. It might not immediately appear but sit down, think about it, and give it some time. It’s there.

#2. Visualize the positive outcome when faced with adversity.

This idea is somewhat similar to finding the silver lining. This idea is just about seeing the positivity before something occurs. Anything can happen at any time. Knowing that, visualize how you can turn that negative into a positive. For instance, who would’ve thought we would have to be stuck in the house for the past 7 months or so?? The positive of that is that we have had much more time to spend not only with our family but ourselves. I consider that to be a great thing!

#3. Say things aloud because there are power in words.

I can’t tell you how much I believe in the power of words. I’ve seen it so many times. For instance, about a two years ago, my fiancé and I took a road trip in a rented SUV. While on the trip, he fell in love with car and said that we were going to have one with our baby seat in the back. Buying a car and having a baby wasn’t in our radar at the time. Fast forward, two years and not only do we own that SUV but we now have a beautiful baby boy. I remember telling him well before leaving my corporate job that I was going to be doing something with fashion in the future. Look at me now, I’m a fashion designer/maker. Words are powerful.

#4. Tell someone because it helps to hold me accountable.

When I tell someone that I’m going to do something. It makes me feel like I have to keep my word. There are so many times when I will randomly blurt out something like, “I’m going to sew 5 new outfits by the week.”

#5. Put it on my vision board because if I see it, I can achieve it.

I’ve said before that I love a vision board and nothing has changed. Again, I’ve put things on my vision board. Only to review it at the end of the year to find that some of it has already come to fruition. Give it a try.

#6. Recognize that people love throwing their fear on you. Sometimes you have to keep things to yourself.

Although, this is self explanatory, You might find it difficult to just cut people off. But don’t let people fill up my ear with their fears. Give them 2-5 minutes of ranting and raving. If they aren’t talking about resolutions after that, why are you still talking?

#7. Read other womens fearless stories for inspiration.

Things always seem hopeless…until you see someone else story. There is always someone doing worse than you or who is more fearful than you. Not that you should thrive off others pain. It just helps to put things in perspective.

#8. Listen and write my own mantras. Ya’ girl loves a good saying to help get through a fearful time.

One of my favorites is simple…”Girl please, you got this!”

There’s no rule book to fearless living. Its about what makes you comfortable enough to give fear the finger and do what you want not what you should,

Thoughts on these tips?? Have any you want to share?? Drop them in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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