10 Techniques To Use When Your Fearless Tank Gets Low

Being fearless is a way of life.  It’s like exercising, learning a new task, being in a relationship or anything else.  You have to put in the effort and work all of the time if you expect to see results.

Its like being happy everyday.  You can find any reason to get upset and be irritated all day.  Thats easy.  It takes real effort to wake up everyday and make it your goal to be happy and not let outside influences put you in a bad mood, right?

All of this can sound easier said then done especially when your morning consisted of being stuck in traffic, wasting coffee on your ‘fit on the way into work, and your bae deciding to pick an argument before you have even left the house.  We all have had those types of mornings.  We are human.

So, how’s a girl stay full of fearless throughout the day with all of these shananigans going on??  Check out these techniques you can use when your fearless tank is on empty.

1.Use a daily reminder 

fearless living tips

2. Get some “me” time

tiny hipster in blue split front blue labels boutique skirt
@tinyhipster in the Always Royal Skirt 

3. Remember why you’re doing it

When you are in your grind, there are times when the days go by so fast that you can’t even remember what day it is!  Being that exhausted is tough but instead of focusing on that; focus on why you are doing it.  It will put more gas in your fearless tank.


4. Sweat It Off

Exercise is the one of the best stress relievers.  If you are a consistent reader, then you know that this is said ALL OF THE TIME on Fashion Not Fear.  But it’s true, take a walk when feeling overloaded and see how great you will feel.

fearless women phone case
Fearless Women Phone Case

5. Set boundaries 

downtown denver photo booth

Setting boundaries is essential when living the fearless life.  Without setting boundaries with family and friends, how will you have time to pursue your fearlessness?  They mean well, but if they aren’t in their fearless journey then they might not be able to relate.  The only thing not setting boundaries will do is lead to you feeling overwhelmed.  Trust me.  Even if it’s, no calls until after 5pm.  They will understand.

6. Never Say “No” To A New Opportunity 

Working with new people or saying “yes” to new opportunities may sound scary.  No, let’s be honest…it is scary!  Something amazing could happen or something horrible may come from it.  But how will you know; if you don’t try?

handcrafted collection on proposal page

7. Seek inspiration

fearless living tips

A quote, a Fearless Woman video, whatever it takes to help give you that boost!

8. Get Away For A Refresher 

You don’t have to break the bank to get away.  A day trip is a great reboot.

Day Trip To Memphis
Day Trip To Memphis, Tn

9. Hand out with your besties

Talk the tea and sip a few cocktails.

strawberries near clear rocks glass
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

10. Create a list of goals along with dates that they should be completed by


Anything worth having is not going to be easy.  If that were the case, we would all be doing exactly what we wanted with no fear at all….am i right?!  These 10 tips will should help to fill up your fearless tank.  Thoughts on these tips??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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