The Final Days @The Shops At La Cantera Pop Up Went Like This…

As you know we had a pop up shop for 8 days at The Shops At La Cantera in San Antonio, Tx.  The first four days was from April 20th to 23th.  I went over all the details week one here.  Now, take a look at how the final days went…

It all started like it did like it does every show, with my fiancé and I loading all of the merchandise, racks, tents, etc from the parking lot to our spot.  From there it takes about an 1-2 hours to neatly hang everything and place all accessories in its’ proper place.

pictures of the blue labels boutique pop up shop at the shops at la cantera

You never know what to expect at these events.  That’s why it’s always important to bring your patience.  I love to talk and have no problems with keeping myself busy.  Although, at least once a day, I send out a help! signal because I am in desperate need of  a potty break or snack.

It also helps that other small businesses had pop up at the event.  Lucky for me, one of them just happen to sell wine.  A girl has to stay entertained… 🍷

blue labels boutique owner holding a glass of wine

Additionally, my girl, Manni, was there in a BLB ‘fit.

mannequinatbluelabelsboutiquepopupshop 2
The Hello Merlot Top & Skirt Set

I also had the pleasure of meeting so many new bombshells!  Corresponding with people through social media and email is one thing but in-person is a whole ‘other level.  Who knew that I would be asking questions from what to a wedding to how to make your boobs look good in a spaghetti strap dressed.  I am telling you…these pop ups make me feel like I am in fashion heaven!

blue labels boutique pop up shop
📸 – shared on IG @springmarket featuring a San Antonio Beauty Queen

On Saturday night, I was at dinner and it was ruined once I noticed how fast the trees outside the window were swaying.  Not this again.  If you read last weeks’ post them you will know that wind is not my friend.  The only thing that I could think about during the entire dinner, “can the canopy withstand that type wind?”    I mean, it’s a nice canopy but that doesn’t mean that it was sturdy.  I worried and thought about it so much that we decided to take a trip back to the shop to make sure things were okay.  And Thank God we did!  The canopy was on three legs and clothing racks were making a trip down the sidewalk!


Other than the uncontrollable acts of God, the pop up was a complete success.  Thanks to everyone came out to shop, chat, look around or simply take a card.  I truly appreciate it!  And to those of you who are not in the San Antonio area, no worries, we might be coming through your part of the map.  Be sure to follow us so that you can come get your dose of fearlessness when we are in your town!

What city should we pop up in?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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