New Pieces & Sneak Peeks

Happy First Day Of Spring 2017!!  That’s right, Winter is officially over!  I am lucky enough to have been enjoying Sunny days for quite some time.  You can’t beat Texas weather.   But, I know that those of you on other sides of the map (and world) are counting down the days until sunshine shows itself again.  You might not feel the change yet, just hold on, she’s coming!

Last week, the announcement was made that BLB will be returning to the SPIRIT Fashion Show this year.  We will be styling the CMU students in pieces from our new Spring 2017 Collection.  Wouldn’t it nice to get a preview of what styles will be hitting the runway?  I thought so too! Here is a sneak peak of three pieces that will be on the runway; April 8, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.   On the Carnegie Mellon University Campus, of course.  Feel free to shop the dresses now, while you still can!  You’re welcome. 😉

To The Courts Mini Dress
She’s Gone Hollywood Necklace
Always Royal Skirt

New pieces are added each week, so make sure you check back (enter website) often.  Get ticket information for the event here.  Don’t forget to email me at, if you want to shop the Style Suite while we are in Pittsburgh.

Stay Fearless   💋

 Necklace $49                                  Skirt $35                                Dress $39.99

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