Exposing Your Brand At Your Next Live Event

Whether you’re running a blog, launching a business, or trying to get some more attention on an operation you’ve been running for a while, there’s no denying the importance of getting your brand recognized. Sometimes, all you really need is to make sure that the brand gets enough exposure to stick in the minds of people you meet. Trade shows, networking events, sales events, and other conferences can be a great opportunity to do just that. But how do you make sure that you get your brand the attention that it needs?

Have a branded space

If you’re renting out any space or have been invited to take up some space, then it’s important that you make good use of it to make a big impression on the people who come to see you. To that end, you should look into how you can add your look to your booth. Sometimes, a basic printed banner and table settings will do just fine. If you have the room, the budget, and the potential to make some very profitable connections, then you can look into setting up some fitting A/V for the event, as well. It’s important that you judge this based on how likely you are to get the attention to justify whatever you invest into your booth space.

Don’t neglect to give some freebies

It might sound like a cheap trick and, let’s be honest, it is. However, the reason that people keep investing in and giving out branded swag at events is because of the fact that they work. If you choose your item well, invest in quality, and feature your branding in the right way, you can guarantee that some of your attendees are going to be coming face to face with your brand on a regular basis. It’s best to choose things that have some utility and that attendees might not mind getting more than one of (since it’s truly difficult to choose unique trade show swag.) This can include things like USB pens, mugs, and, increasingly as of late, things like metal water bottles.

Brand your look

Aside from branding your space and the items that you might give away, you should also be looking at what you can do to bring some brand power to your own appearance. Aside from wearing appropriate and professional gear for the space, you can quite literally add your brand to what you’re wearing. One of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to do this is to invest in polo shirt embroidery for you and any staff that you might have to attend with you. Not only does it offer brand exposure, but it also sets you and your trade show team as being apart from the other attendees. This is going to make people more likely to come up and talk to you since you look like you’re part of the show, not just another person wandering the space.

Use your digital platforms

Digital marketing is always going to play a big part in helping you get your brand out there, even when it comes to making use of a physical event. Event organizers, as well as other attendees, exhibitors, and publications/influencers in the industry, are all going to be promotion-happy leading up to an event on social media. Building buzz around other attendees also builds buzz for the event which benefits them. Aside from taking the opportunity for some organic cross-promotion and highlighting what you’re going to be doing at the show, you should make sure that you’re live-posting during the event, as well. Other attendees are more likely to share your posts as the draw of signal boosting a shared experience can be very powerful, indeed.

Follow up

You might think that having made a good impression at your trade show or conference is enough and you can rest easy once you get back home. However, you want to make sure that the experience attached to your brand is as positive as possible and, for that reason, you’re going to want to follow up on the encounters that you had. See if the people that you talk to are willing to swap numbers, emails, socials, or business cards. Don’t be pushy. Those who are interested will do so without needing to be prodded. Once they do, make sure that you follow up with them.

In simple terms, the better your brand exposure, the more likely you are to experience better brand awareness and recognition, as well. Those two are critical factors for getting more people to take the next step in engaging with your brand.

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