9 Damn Near Free V-Day Ideas (If You Don’t Have A Babysitter)

In a few weeks, Valentine’s Day will be here. It seems like we just kissed our boo for New Years, doesn’t it?

No matter how quickly it arrived, it’s almost here so let’s celebrate! For me, V-Day is going to be alot different than in years past. I mean yes…there’s COVID. But I also have a 20 month old son who will be celebrating the day with my husband and I. Which to be honest…I’m totally happy with because he’s most definitely my valentine.

This just means that we have to get creative when it comes to romance. But that’s BEEN a thing since he’s arrived. Sooo, if you find yourself planning a day for your SO and them babies, you might want to continue reading. Here are some ideas on how you and your bae can still share special moments on February 14th.

Image of girl writing

1. Each of you write out 10 questions you want to know about eachother that you don’t know. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. There’s always something new to learn.

Couple cooking together

2. Search for a recipe for a good item that neither of you have made before. And cook it together.

Couple dancing

3. Turn your living room into a nightclub. All you need is a playlist and cocktails. You can even dress up like you’re going out. Then dance the night away. (And there’s no need for a designated driver.)

Couple adding face

4. Once the kids go to bed, turn your bedroom into a spa. Add soothing music, face masks, warm oil to give eachother a massage, and some candles.

Playing a board game

5. Turn it into family game day. Pick a board game that everyone can play. Don’t forget favored snacks, fruity drinks for the kids, and adult drinks for you.

Doing a vision board

6. Plan your future with a vision board. It might not sound romantic. But planning your year together can be very sexy!

Movies at

7. Make it a movie night. Let each person pick a rom-com you want to see and spend the night binging on them.

Filling a photo album

8. Print out photos from your phone. Then spend the night putting the pictures in photo albums. How romantic would it be to reminisce on what was going on when you took the photos.

Laying in the bed

9. Create scavenger hunt with clues that your boo will find throughout the day. And make the “prize” YOU after the kids are in the bed.

Any of these sound like something you would do?! Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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