How I Balance The 3 B’s: Baby, Boo, And Business

Life is a balancing act. No matter what you have going on. Work, family, friends, the pandemic…there’s just so much that we all deal with on a daily basis. Balance is a must. Don’t you think? 🤔

Life work balance

Without balance, I don’t know what rock I would be hiding under right now. To be honest. Balancing all of the aspects with my business, my 15 month old son, and my amazing boo hasn’t been easy. But I try to put my best effort towards it everyday.

Here are some of the tips I use to try to make it all happen…

Making a schedule

Create a schedule.

Everything is on a schedule from the time I read and reply to emails, blogging, sewing, even time with family. For Monday – Friday, at least. I take advantage of my sons nap times and plan my schedule around it. That way, I don’t have to stress about whether or not it will get done. Scheduling is sooo important!

Vocalize what I want or need.

On the days that my husband is home from work. I always tell him what I want to do while he’s there. That way he knows what to expect. And if I need him to take the baby, or get clothes out of the dryer…I speak up. Speak up about what you need. It helps to let myself get overwhelmed.

Prioritize what’s important.

Daily lists can pile up but I make sure the important stuff is out of the way first. If there is something terribly important, I make sure to handle it as soon as I start my day. Rather it’s getting a newsletter done or creating a blog post, taking my baby to the doctor or making breakfast for my husband. If there is something terribly important, I make sure to handle it as soon as I start my day. Getting something accomplished is better than working on a bunch of different things and not completing any of them.

Coffee and late nights.

This one isn’t for everyone. But late nights are when I am the most productive. After I’ve made sure everyone is feed and the house is tidy. Once my husband and baby go to bed, I go to work. Sewing, planning, creating, whatever I can get done. No distractions. I really burn the “midnight oil” as the saying goes. There are nights that I stay up until the wee hours of the morning. But things get done and I wake up not feeling so much pressure about my daily to do list. I know that sleep is needed for good health so I try to limit this to every other day. Or just listen to my body. If I need sleep, I go to bed!

Plan ahead

There are some things that will remain the same, so it’s easy to plan for. For instance, my son will need breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the same time. So, I prepare his food before I start my day. Or I know that I’m going to need to post on social media so I grab one of the photos I took earlier in this week, create a caption and hashtags so I can post it quickly at IGs recommended time.

Take it easy on myself.

If something doesn’t get done. It just doesn’t and I put it on the to do list for the next day. There was a time when I’d stress if I didn’t get a chance to post something or respond to an email. Now, I’m quite the opposite. Life is too short and it isn’t worth the stress. Plus, I want to soak up every opportunity I have to share with those I love. It’s damn near impossible to do that when you stressed about everything.


It’s not all about me. My son and husbands’ happiness is just as important a mine (if not more!). So, it’s important that I check in with them to see what they need too. It helps to make sure everyone feels equally important and more important than anything else I have going on. It definitely makes for a happy household.

Self Care

Taking time for myself is essential. It could be working out, taking a bath, painting nails, or sipping wine on the patio. Whatever you need to feel good about yourself and feel rejuvenated. You are no good to anyone if you don’t feel good about yourself.

Hope these help if you are struggling with balance. What tips would you add?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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