A Sketch Of The First Fall Piece Just Dropped + What To Expect

A couple of days ago, I posted a sketch on IG of the first piece from the Fall 2021 FNF Collection.

Fashion Not Fear Dress sketch

Right after that post, I got to work on constructing the garment. And although, I loved the rough sketch. I have made alot of changes to it once I started manipulating the fabric.

Making the fashion not fear collection

This collection may be the best one yet!

Have I said that before?

Nevertheless, I feel this way for a few reasons. Firstly, the fabric that I’ve sourced. The classic prints range from the colors of the sun to the multitude of colors found on the leaves that are about to start falling from the trees.

Another reason this may be the best yet is because of the construction. Each collection I create, I try to involve more techniques and aim to put my own spin on things. Pinpointing my signature style (although I haven’t quite found it yet) is my main goal. That will be reflected in this collection.

Also, since some of us are still in the house 24/7 and others are outside. I felt that it was necessary to make dresses that you can wear both in the house and if you’re out and about.

The first piece will be released next week and I can’t wait for you all to check it out.

Stay tuned and stay fearless. 💋

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