Fearless Woman: Edit B. Kiss

Tell us what life was like before you began your fearless journey?

Even though I was an introvert kid, I was always fearless, and goal driven. I took inspiration from people around me like my brother or teachers and I wanted to be like them that kept me going farther than others. I was the best in class, I was hard working, and I was always inspired to learn more and be different. I had self-esteem issues due to my body shape and I got bullied so I did not like school too much. My favourite memories were our family vacations visiting other countries, getting to know different cultures. I was always fascinated by mythology, history and the variation of landscapes. I understood in my early age that what I was weak at I did not push, and I focused on my strength besides what my mother or the teachers said. The most common method is to do more of the things what you are weak at to bring it upso you are good in everything. I believe that you need to work on your strength to be a master of them and strive on those traits.

2. What made you want to take the leap and start your company?

After working more than 10 years in the Oil Industry, it seemed like I am having a great life living in the best area of the capital of Hungary having an amazing corporate job as a Chief Petroleum Engineer, but I was overweight and tired and had no time for my kids.

After 1.5 years I quit this amazing job what every petroleum engineer could have been grateful for and we travelled to New Zealand with 4 suitcases and with all our savings (literally: retirement saving, real estate saving).

We were already in the immigration process for months when we made this step but to get the resident visa we had to have a job offer. The next 6-7 months we spent in paradise: Taranaki, New Zealand, finally having quality time with my kids, and enjoying life in a seaside home. Before I left to NZ, I just got my Master certificate in Reiki healing which I was practising for 10 years that time. So, I was healing myself for 6 months massively which resulted in reprogramming in my diet. I started to eat differently and at the time we returned to Hungary completely broke I started to lose weight and in 10 months I dropped 20 kgs and looked 10 years younger being in my 18 years old body. I also managed to get a contract with my old company and worked from home for them. I was extremely happy to make more money and spend more time with my kids. In this happiness something started to shift. I started to spend time on learning new skills and suddenly the world opened up. I realised I was living in a box as an engineer. I also started to meditate with people through phone and imagined a life with even more freedom I had that time. The last big kick was when I went to an event with a Karma Guru and we did the Samadhi meditation and I opened my 3rd eye. Suddenly things started to change around me, messages were coming to me, bread crumps from the Universe…..and I followed them. Within 6 month I moved to London with my kids to heal people, I left my husband who was a victim type and never understood my vision. I established my healing company and started to have healing session while I still worked for the oil company as a contractor. This was going on for a year when I felt I had to let the past go and focus on the future. It was a good timing. So now I am focusing my life coaching and healing business.

3. What have you learned about yourself during this journey?

I realised that I need to experience everything on my skin whatever I can to grow and to enjoy life. I am a fire sign I am always passionate about everything I do. I am mostly driven by my intuitions and feelings, so I cannot do things which are not aligned with my values and my purpose.

4. What would you do over again before you took the leap? (If anything)

Although sometimes guilt and shame surface about my decisions I still got to the conclusion that I do not regret whatever I have done because I had to experience those situations to grow into the person I am now.

5. What is life like since you’ve taken the leap into fearless living?

My life is a continual adventure. I am a cosmopolitan who lived in 8 countries and travelled 13 more. I am a yes person and always looking for new challenges otherwise I don’t have enough variety in my life. I spent 2020 to gain recognition and authority in my expertise. I was featured in several media outlets and have been invited to present in summits. I am continually learning new modalities to serve my clients better and I am also creating programs to reach more people with my services.

6. Tell us about your book.

I was a co-author in 3 books in 2020 and became a #1 international best seller. But my own book is on the way to publishing this year, currently with the editor. The title of my book is “On the Healer’s Journey”, it is a coaching book for light workers who are on the fence and feel frustrated how to embody their journey. But it also holds great advices and fresh knowledge to already working spiritual healers. I received great testimonials from friends and clients who had the chance to read some chapters. So, I feel really positive about the welcoming of my book. I felt that more and more people decided to become a healer but struggle because lacking simple basic knowledge what could support them to heal more effectively and help them protect themselves. The first 13 chapters are the coaching part, the rest of the chapters includes more basic information for example about chakras, the parts of the mind, how to clean your aura, what is Samadhi meditation explained on a unique way.

7. What is one useful tip you would share with someone if you were their life coach?

Balance is the key word.

Many successful people are encouraging their followers to hustle and sacrifice their health even just for temporary. I do not agree with this approach. We need to take care and protect our vessel. We need to have rest time too and need to fill our cups. Also, the balance is very important when we are a healer and connect to the Universal energies, to our higher dimensional existence. It is recommended to root ourselves to the Mother Earth to stay grounded and take care of our 3D needs.

8. What has been the most difficult part of your journey?

Control my thoughts and words, because I manifest powerfully. It is enough just to say a sentence out to the thin air, and it is happening within weeks, bad or good. Then my head is just spinning while I try to fix it.

9. What has been the most rewarding part of your journey?

To see my clients to find peace and joy again. We tend to accept what is happening to us if we see that our neighbour or friend is suffering from the same issue. We believe it is “normal” and we feel safe. Although if we are open to the possibility that we are worthy enough to have a healthy and happy life without struggles we will see that there are solutions for every problem out there and we can stop our struggles if we are not that limited.

10. How do you stay motivated when things get tough?

I know that everything is happening for a reason. I need to go through certain experiences to grow. When I have to spend time in bed due to a flu or other issues, I know the Universe/God wants me to just meditate, heal and get prepared for his rewards. I can recall that before amazing blessings arrived at my life I was in bed with a serious infection or illness. I did not get discouraged, I was patient and spend all my time meditating and healing, raising my vibration and visualizing my goals. I believe that was what I was expected to do. The law of rhythm assures us that nothing is forever, tough time should pass. But be aware that the good times too, so always be grateful and don’t take anything for granted.

11. As a speaker, what’s one thing you always try to convey to your audience?

You are never alone; separation is an illusion. Everything is connected and nothing is a coincidence.

We are safe, supported and loved. All the negative emotions are created by you, and they make you sick and unhappy. You can decide to choose positive emotions and protect yourselves from troubles. When you have buried emotional traumas need to release them to get healed and not to get triggered by your environment. The main pillar of my services is the emotional trauma healing what I do through source memory healing, which is a 60 000 year old Karma Yogi technique. Until now I mostly had VIP 1:1 client, but I decided to bring this solution to the masses through a magical live entertaining experience in a workshop environment, where the participants will be able to experience their multidimensional existence while become liberated from their traumas. I am planning to bring this unique experience to millions through a TV show which will be recorded in LA in a historical theatre starting later this year. My aim is to revolutionize the spiritual entertainment industry.

Want to get more?! Check out Edits’ upcoming event on August 5th….Release With Ease Workshow. Get your tickets while you can!

Edit b kiss event

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Stay Fearless 💋

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