5 Things I’ve Learned About Style Since I Started Making Clothes

Sexy isn’t just sheer, low cut, or a mini skirt.

Printed maxi dress
The Audacious Dress

Any style can be worn by any body type. What matters is the tailoring.

Matching floral top and skirt set
Floreal Top and Skirt Set

Neutrals will always be the most popular picks. Pops or color are great. But I’ve found that the “most shopped” pieces are almost always neutral colors like black, navy, ivory, etc.

Black blazer dress
Unflinting Blazer Dress

The saying, “Beauty is pain” is a lie. Wearing something that is comfortable is essential.

Plaid shirts dress
Don’t Plaid Me Dress

How the inside looks can be just as important as the outside. Who wants to wear something that looks like it’s going to fall apart?

Bustier with sweetheart neckline
Inside of the Bodacious Bustier

I’ve learned so much since started the Fashion Not Fear handmade collection. And I’m still learning something new everyday. Would you agree with what I’ve learned or no? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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