Clothes Storage Tips for People That Live In Hot and Humid Climates

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As we start moving into hotter weather, a new threat starts to emerge in our wardrobe; humidity. Hot and humid climates can eventually lead to a lot of moisture build-up in our homes. These conditions can eventually lead to mould in our living areas, but worst of all, they can actually start to affect our clothes and storage areas.


Humid conditions aren’t helped by our home conditions and things can quickly spiral out of control. If you’re not prepared for these potential conditions, then it could cause major issues with your clothes storage. So in this post, we’re going to talk about a few ways how you can store your clothes and keep them safe from hot and humid conditions.

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Check your air conditioning or HVAC unit to see if it’s producing a lot of moisture

It’s worth contacting a 24 hour AC repair to help them maintain your air conditioning unit before we get into warmer weather. The issue that a lot of people face is that they don’t properly store or maintain their air conditioning unit when they’re not actively using it. We’re starting to come out of a period of cold and wet weather, so there’s a chance that our HVAC units need a bit of maintenance in order to work correctly.

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One of the biggest problems is that HVAC units can struggle to remove humidity depending on weather conditions. However, it can also be affected by fan speed and also the condition of the evaporator coils. If the air conditioning unit hasn’t been used much in the past few months, then there’s a chance that dust might be gathering on the coils or the air filter might be dusty enough that it’s failing to remove any moisture. A scheduled maintenance can ensure that your air conditioning unit is working correctly.

Use cloth bags for storing things and keep desiccant packs around

Cloth bags are an excellent way to store things that you won’t be wearing for a while. For instance, if you’re switching away from your winter wardrobe and have a unique dress that you want to protect until next season, then you should ideally keep it in a clothing bag so that it’s protected from any potential moisture and it also takes up less space on your clothing rack. The clearer you keep your wardrobe, the easier it is for air to flow around which leads to less mould growth and more moisture release.

Another great way to remove moisture from certain areas is to use desiccant packs. These are the little white packets that you might find in bags of food or cooking products. They’re excellent for sucking up excess moisture and we highly recommend putting a pack or two of them in your shoes, storage cupboards, and even in your wardrobe to help keep the moisture away. Desiccant packs are not edible and should be kept away from children, so make sure you’re aware of these potential dangers before you buy a load of them.

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