My IG Followers Voted To Change A Dress Im Making And I Did!

Not too long ago, I posted a sketch of a new dress being made for the Fashion Not Fear Collection.

Dress sketch

I’ve really been wanting to get my followers more involved in the process of making this dress. Everyone has options they want to share. And I love hearing them!

The first question I asked on IG stories was whether to go with a solid or a printed fabric.

Dress sketch with printed fabric

Printed fabric won by a landslide. So, I took a lot of time to find a vintage inspired fabric to make this dress out of.

After getting advice on the fabric, I posted another question a few days ago to get advice.

Sewing a dress

The bodice was being made. After putting on one sleeve, I left the other one off to ask, “Should the dress be made with or without sleeves?”

100% voted to go with no sleeves. That’s what I was thinking. Which is why I asked. Plus, it’s gonna hit almost 100 degrees this week. So, this girl wants her arms out.

Be sure to follow me on IG so you can be apart of the next creation. Plus, there is an AWESOME giveaway happening on there right now. Look for the post on our page.

This look will be finished this weekend. I’m so excited to share it with you. Thoughts on the changes?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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