I Found The Fabric For The Dress Sketch That I Recently Shared

A few days ago, I shared a sketch of the next dress being made for the Fashion Not Fear Collection.

Dress sketch

In that post, the question was asked if the dress should be made from a printed material or a solid color material. The poll question was also asked on IG story. Print won by an overwhelming margin on both platforms.

Fabric poll

After you helped to pick a fabric style, my search was on! I knew I wanted something that was rich in color. But also something that has sort of a vintage look.

Well, without further ado…check out the fabric that was selected.

Green printed fabric

It has colors of green, yellow, white, navy, orange and specks of other colors too. I searched high and low for a textile that would match the look I was going for. And this one nailed it!

Fashion sketch and fabric

And so the sewing is about to begin. Can’t wait for you to see this one completed. What are your thoughts on the fabric? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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