I Thought I Was Sane Then The Winter Vortex Hit Texas

I was in the Winter Vortex that hit Texas. Which might not sound like much to you (depending on where you are). But it’s major. Let me tell you!

Alarm clock

On Monday around 2am, I got out of bed to use the restroom. It felt kind of chilly so I peeked out of the windows and snow was everywhere. I was so excited. I woke up my husband to see it and everything. He’s from Cleveland so he could really care less he’s seen it so much but he did it anyway.

When I made it to the bathroom, I noticed the lights didn’t come on. “The snow probably knocked it out.” Okay, no big deal. I went back to bed. When we officially got up for the day, the lights were still off. Weird. I thought but hopefully they will be on soon. Well, that’s not what happened!

Candles in the dark

We went without consistent electricity for 4 days. Any idea how hard it is to stay warm when your house is 40 degrees?! Plus, our 8 month old doesn’t understand why I’m trying to get him to stay under the cover all day while wearing layers and layers of clothes.

My husband and baby go to bed early every night. Which is normally fine for me. It gives me some “me” time. Plus, I get a chance to watch what I want on tv, do stuff for my business, and wear my LED face mask with no interruptions.

Sleeping baby

My family going to bed early didn’t bother me before the vortex but during the storm was a different story…

With no lights, heat, or internet. No tv and the inability to use my phone to make sure it stays charged was hell! When they went to sleep around 8pm. I was up. I’m a night owl. It hasn’t changed cause of the storm. It might’ve been worse during the storm because there was more things for me to worry about. So, from 8pm until the wee hours of the morning, I would find myself laying in the dark, silent night; staring at a candle.


Can you imagine what type of things go through my head?? Well, I’ll tell you….

Am I doing the right things with my business? Am I a good mother? Does my husband think I’m a good wife? How much should I invest in the stock market? What was my childhood like? Where do I see myself in five years? Do ghosts exist?

I made a food budget (on paper by candlelight) and wrote some new affirmations. It was sad. There is nothing wrong with pondering life or doing any of the things I was doing. I just don’t feel like its the best idea when you’re not in good spirits.

It wasn’t just the lack of electricity we were dealing with. It was the scarcity of food. Going to the grocery store to pick up what we wanted for dinner was not an option. Cooking was out the window. Plus, the grocery store was BARE!!! So, we ate canned salmon and tuna for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We wanted to keep our car with a full tank o gas but people were lined up at the gas stations like you’ve never seen before. It was a mess.

I’ve never suffered from lack of confidence. Never thought of myself as being depressed. I’ve doubted myself at times but my mindset was on another level. I’m used to be upbeat, mostly happy and positive. I make it my business each day to find something good to focus on that day. But those vortex days left my positivity level super low. Usually, when I’m feeling low, I exercise. It really helps me to shed any negative thoughts or stress. But working out caused sweat. Why would I want to get sweaty only to be freezing even more when I was done. Then I would have to lay my sweaty, funky ass in the bed with my family??? That was a no go.

My family

I crawled out of my dark hole once I realized that my family was also affected by the fact that we were going without basic needs. My baby seemed to be confused because we stayed in the bed the entire time in the darkness. So he cried and frowned more than I’ve ever seen. My husband went from being upbeat and positive to being tired and over it. My mom was texting me saying that she felt sad and tired. My sister in law was worried bout getting food. It was a lot.

I decided it was time to take charge and make the most of it. We charged up our phones in the car. Then used that juice to download movies on Netflix to watch. We pulled out the Scrabble board and Dominoes. We shared old stories that each of us didn’t know about each other. And at the first chance of any sign of melting snow, we jumped in the car and rode around that city. Luckily, we were able to get gas.

Taking notes

Here’s what I’ve learned….

  • Nothing is promised. Even if you pay for it.
  • My husband and baby are my ride or dies.
  • We can’t depend on others to feed us so we must start to figure out how to grow food.
  • We need to have an emergency kit together that has flash lights, batteries, candles, etc.
  • Always have a back up plan.
  • Continue to look for the things to be grateful for. Even in dark times. Your mental health counts on it.

This was truly the longest four days of my life. Our experience is no comparison to reading and seeing what some other families are going through. Lost loved ones, lost homes, and more. There are rumors of people signing petitions and filing suits to hold people accountable. And if there is, I’m putting my name on the list. For sure. If there is one thing I’d want you to take from my story it is this….hold your loved ones tight, cherish every moment, and make the most of any situation. With or without electricity.

Were you affected by the Winter weather? Are you in Texas? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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