How Do You Define Luxury?

This is a question I asked myself a few days ago. The thought started after doing some research. In an effort to elevate Fashion Not Fear, I’m always researching, learning, listening, etc. This time the plan was to research what people look for in what they consider a luxury brand. What makes a person invest in a brand?

I summed up my research and here’s what I found:

Clothes on a rack

1. Many people who buy luxury can’t afford it.

2. Some consumers consider non-luxury as inferior. They assume that it is of a better value or quality because it is higher priced.

3. Luxury goods increases some people’s self esteem and provides a sense of belonging.

4. Buying luxury goods provides a sense of accomplishment.

Designer shoes and bag

Admittedly, I used to fall into each one of these categories. I’ve bought clothes and bags that I couldn’t afford. Because it made me feel good about myself. It made me feel like I was a step above the rest. Plus, it had to have the logo or name on the outside just to be sure that everyone knew that I was doing it big!

My thoughts changed when I started to pay attention to the quality of the goods that were “luxury”. The bags that cost $500 was peeling. Dresses that cost hundreds of dollars couldn’t even stand a wash on the gentle cycle. They would turn out with lint or would be stretched out where it no longer fit the same.

Happy shopper

I slowly started buying clothes that were well constructed and of good material. Without even looking at the label. This was years before creating Fashion Not Fear.

Why spend that kind of money on something that was gonna have to be thrown away or given away because it turned out to be a piece of crap?!

Why waste the money??

Years later, I started working on Fashion Not Fear. After never really being able to find the style or fit I was looking for. And if I did, I Sam sure wasn’t going to spend a stack of cash on it. For dead if the same thing happening. I knew I could r be the only one who wanted a cute dress to wear that wasn’t so cheap that it couldn’t be cleaned without shrinking. But wasn’t so expensive that I had to make payment arrangements on my light bill in order to but it.

Shopping luxury brand

Now, I define luxury in my own way. I want what I’m wearing to make me feel pretty, confident, and comfortable. While I still have money left to cover my bills and buy a cocktail!

Who cares how cute you look if you don’t have any money left to leave the house anyway, right?! 🤷🏽‍♀️

How do you define a luxury brand? What decisions do you consider when Celebrity influence, style, affordability, etc. let me know in the comments,,,

Stay Fearless 💋

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