V-Day Date Ideas When You’re Staying Home And On A Budget

Valentines Day shouldn’t be the reason you are doing something special for your partner. There are so many ways to show love to those you love without spending a dime. Although, I understand wanting to turn it up a notch just because it’s V-day.

During these current times, we all feel the need to save a dollar or two. Never know when you might need it. With that in mind, keeping V-Day budget friendly is such a great idea. So, if staying at home and saving a buck is on your agenda.

Take a look at these date ideas for you and your boo…

Painting dog

Paint – Look online for photos or artwork that align with your interests such as musics, travel, fashion, etc. Head to your local craft store for a pack of canvas, paint, and paint brushes. Display the images you found and paint them while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Foreign language

New language – Learning something new together is always a good bonding experience. Search for foreign language classes online and make V-day your first lesson together.

Playing charades

Sexy Charades – Write out sexy movies, actions, songs, that you can act out during charades. Turn the heat up with a sexy prize each time you get a correct answer.

Coming new recipe

New Recipe – Research a new recipe, pour up a glass, and turn on some music. This will make for a great time. For sure!

Eating with a blindfold

Eat blindly – Blindfold eachother with a scarf. Place familiar and unfamiliar foods in unlabeled dishes. Have your partner guess what they are eating. The winner gets to pick a sexy prize.

Have special plans?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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