Establishing New Family Holiday Traditions

Welcoming a baby into our family has given me all of the feels! Since welcoming my son, I’ve found myself to be more me grateful than ever before. I understand the value in showing gratitude even more and find myself staring at my family in complete awe of what I’ve been blessed with. Needless to say, all of this has made me want to cherish every moment including b the holidays.

Before having a baby, things were so different when it came to the holidays. We may or may not get a Christmas tree. We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Christmas Eve was a blur because we would be wasted the entire day. Which meant Christmas Day was a late start for us. Let’s just say we have always moved as if we were some kind of irresponsible college students or something.

Now that we’ve made the decision to create some traditions for our family. I couldn’t be more excited! My son has a great set of parents who can’t wait to show him all of the corny, fun, exciting things that life has to offer. But let’s just start with the holidays. Here are some of the new traditions we are starting this holiday season.

Creating a traditional food and drink that we will have each year.

Buying a tree from a Christmas Tree farm.

Putting money to the side each year for his future.

Watching holiday movies snuggled up on the couch on the days leading up to the holiday.

Talking about the years highs and lows as well as what we are grateful for.

Filling up stockings with small gifts. (We never even bought stockings before.)

What type of family traditions do you gave with your family?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “Establishing New Family Holiday Traditions

  1. Sounds like you had much more fun Christmas holidays than I have…of course, my excuse has been that I did not want to do anything in this gloomy pandemic period! Lovely family photos! Thanks Kristi for being the consistent reader of our blog!

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