If You’re All About The Sleeves, You Have to Check out These Looks!

As a fashion designer, I always try to make something that will give the piece its own statement. Something as small as a button or seam placement can take an outfit from “okay” to “okaaaaay” .

There is nothing like making a statement with your sleeves. I mean, no shade to the traditional short sleeve or long sleeved with buttons but a dramatic sleeve really turns it up some notches! When you walk into the room with a strong sleeve game; heads will turn.

Check out these outfits featuring a dramatic sleeve, the you will fall head over heels for!

From puffy to oversized, to ruffled and cutout…these prove the point that sleeves alone make a powerful fashion statement. By the way, all of these pieces are available at Blue Labels Boutique. Click the links to shop them! Which are your faves?? Drop them in the comment…

Stay Fearless πŸ’‹

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