What I’ve Learned About Going From Entrepreneur To Mompreneur

As you might already know, I became a mom to my first baby in May. Having my baby boy has truly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I completely understand now, what a mothers love really is. His happiness consumes me. It’s one of my main goals in life. I never thought I’d be the type of mom to pull out my phone and shows his pictures to any and everyone. Im that Mom times 10. The bad part of it since we are in quarantine is that I only come in contact with the same group of people. My mom, brother, 2 nieces, and nephew. Which means they are the lucky ones who get to view 100 new pics a day!

Although, Im loving motherhood. I must admit that it presents some challenges when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Right now, Im literally holding him while he sleeps on my left arm and typing this on my laptop with my right hand.

Before my son arrived, I didn’t feel pressure like I do now. In my mind, I had an endless amount of time to post, blog, sew, do pop ups…whatever. I was (and still am) a night owl so burning the midnight oil hustling was nothing to me. But now. Oh, hell no…Mama had to make some serious changes. Here is what I’ve learned and how I maneuver since going from entrepreneur to mompreneur.

Take advantage of nap time.

One piece of advice I heard more often than others was, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” This sounds like great advice. But since Ive never been one to nap in the middle of the day. I found it super, difficult to take a full on nap at 2 in the afternoon. I make his nap time, my hustling time. My baby is a lil’ over 3 months so I hold him…alot. Which means I don’t have much free arm time. So, while I’m holding him, I do as much as I can that requires me to sit in one position. From writing as many blog posts as possible, creating content for newsletters and social media, shopping online for new fabric, etc.

Patience really is a virtue.

Baby boy doesn’t care what I want to accomplish for the day. He could care less if I’m on a business or Zoom call. Not to mention how much sewing I have to do. I throw any frustration out of the window when he needs to be fed, changed, or wants to eat or play when I’m working. I always remember he will only be this small for a short amount of time. Be patient and take full advantage of the precious moments we can share.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an extra hand.

Like most mothers, I want to do it all. Run a business, change every diaper, do every feeding, and not miss one moment. But asking for a helping hand doesn’t mean you aren’t killing it at motherhood. I mean…I just realized that its okay for my husband to take care of him while I’m sewing. He loves him too!

Don’t forget about you.

Speaking of asking for an extra hand. Don’t forget about your own self care. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the house without the baby for hours. I’m certainly not there. Self-care could be having Dad sit with him while you take a bath or do a face mask. Such a small act can reap big benefits in making you feel like you!

Strategize as much as possible.

Create a list of your goals for the day, week, or month. Then knock the items off your list as you get free time. All of your tasks will be accomplished before you know it.

Set realistic goals.

This has been a huge one for me! Before the baby, I could cut fabric and completely sew a dress within 2 days. Now?! Well, it takes about that long to gather the fabric and cut the pieces. Maybe a day or two longer?? Two days to complete a look is no longer realistic. Its a joke really. Now, I set a more realistic timeframe to finish a garment. And I adjust the time, if needed. No use in putting extra stress in myself.

Invest in a blanket carrier.

When all else fails, put your baby in the carrier to keep him/her close to you and keep it moving. I received one during my baby shower. But only planned on using it while we were out. Until one day, I ran across thread in a Facebook group where the women were talking about how they were able to get so much done while their baby was in a carrier. I finally decided to give it a try and let me tell you…it’s a life saver!

I recently read an article about a mother who was successfully running her own business. She despised being labeled as Mompreneur. She felt like it discredited her as a business women. I feel the exact opposite. I find that being a Mom while running a business is a great accomplishment. Back in the day, it was thought that once you become a Mom, you pretty much gave up on your dream. Being a mom while running a business is such a great way to show everyone that this idea is soooo far from the truth. We can do it all now!

Are you juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship? Thoughts on the tips or using the term mompreneur?? Drop your thoughts in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Going From Entrepreneur To Mompreneur

  1. Congratulations on becoming a Mom! These days when the baby cares only about himself will pass by all too soon, so enjoy them. He’s such a beautiful boy!


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