A Practical Guide To Shopping During The Pandemic

If you were to take look at some of your favorite stores online, you will find that they all have one thing in common. Their sales are POPPING!!! I’m talking deep discounts. It is easy to find sales with an additional 30% or more off clearance prices. That’s sounds insanely inexpensive…no matter what the original price was.

Store owners recognize that people aren’t going out shopping as much before due to the pandemic. They know that the majority of us are sitting at home scrolling online much more than ever before. The truth is that this is the perfect time to pick up some new pieces. Why not take advantage of the fact that the stores need our sales now more than ever. But with so many stores trying to draw in customers to spend money, how can a girl be sure that she’s not wasting her bread during the pandemic?

This practical guide will help you in making good (not wasteful) decisions when you’re having an add to the cart moment.

Buy Pieces That Can Be Dressed Up And Down

Some areas are allowing 50% or more capacity in restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Although, I’m not ready for all of that yet. I know that some of you have been ready. No matter where you are in the “going out” part of pandemic life, make sure that you are buying something to wear that will work in any situation. Invest in pieces that will look good with heels, sneakers, or while you are barefoot at home.

Stay Within A Budget

Let’s not forget that we are in a pandemic. So, with things being so up in the air it is super important to make sure that you have money set aside for bills and any emergencies for a few months. Then decide what you can comfortably spend on things like clothes, shoes, and accessories. Word of advice: It can be a very small amount. Not only are the sales just that good. But also, it is nice to receive a lil’ pick me up in the mail every now and then.

Stack Up On The Discounts When You Can

I’d like to think that I’m allergic to paying shipping fees. I refuse! Before completing your purchase, do a search on Google for free shipping and discount codes. Or check your email to see if any have been sent to you. Save every penny that you can.

Buy Your True Size

COVID 15 is a real thing! Putting on 15 to 20 lbs in the 6 months we have been holed up in the house is more common than you might think. If you have fallen victim to it, don’t worry, just be real. Shop for your current size to make sure that you are comfortable while you are lounging.

Comparison Shop

Check other stores before you enter your credit card number to complete your purchase. If you’re buying some thing basic like leggings, tees, or undergarments. Those same items are found in several other stores. It’s a possibility that another store could be offering the same item for a lower price.

Shop Small, Shop Black

Support your local and black owned stores that give back to your local area and community. Plus, shop for pieces where a portion of the sale is donated to charity

Shop Early For Holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it. Buy gifts you see on sale now, if you have the extra money. If copping your mom a cashmere sweater for Christmas is on holiday list, now is the time to get it.

Stock Up On Essential Styles When You Can

Masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol…are all essentials these days. But when it comes to fashion, stretch pants, lounge dresses, t-shirt dresses, flowing skirts, tees, cute socks are all examples of fashion essentials. Can you imagine sitting around the house all day in a sequin dress or a leather mini. Although, there is a time and place for that too. Right now, it’s all about being cute and comfy. That’s why you should stock up on casual, commutable pieces when you can. They will most certainly be used. Trust me!

Happy Shopping and Stay Fearless

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