The World Is So Effed Up Right Now, But Here Are 5 Things I Do To Stay Smiling I In 2020

I’m quite sure that I don’t have to go down the list of all of the things 2020 has brought to us.  From the pandemic to marching for justice and the Presidential election…it’s been alot to say the least.  I saw a meme that said,

“When my kid asks how about 2020.  I’m gonna have to pour a drink first.”  

I can definitely agree with that.  It wasn’t until recently that I started to notice how much negatively we are bombarded with everyday.   It occurred to me one night while I was watching the 10 o’clock news.  The news started with a story about a family that lost some family members from the Corona Virus, then went on to how another family had 14 family members that contracted it (6 died), and they then dropped the bomb about how it is effecting young kids more than they initially thought.  From there they shared stories of people who were homeless as a result of losing their job, the businesses that have been shut down because of the pandemic.  I looked at the clock and it was 10:12.  12 minutes of pure sadness.  It was overwhelming.  Granted….I agree that we need to be informed about the important things that are going on in the world but DAMN!!!  Did anything happen that was slightly good?  Did someone rescue a dog or something??

It was at that moment that I realized it was time for me to go back to not watching the news.  About 2 months into the pandemic, I had to stop watching the news and scrolling online because it was just too much.  But I slowly began paying attention to it again.  Not anymore, I’m back to avoiding the news and any other negative stories that come up.  I want to be informed but not overwhelmed.  Ya’ feel me?

All of this has required me to make some serious changes…asap.  For not only my own mental health but also for the happiness for my family.   If I’m not happy, how can they be??

Here are 5 things I’m doing to keep my sanity during these crazy times…

(My boys)

#1. Concentrating On The Good Things That Are In My Life Right Now

I had my first baby in May.  Got married in July.  Im healthy and so is my family.  We all have roofs over our head and food.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Concentrating on that really helps.

#2. Getting Out Of The House

The baby and I don’t go anywhere (at all) except for my moms house.  But that doesn’t mean we have to stay in the house all.  I make every effort to get out of the house to enjoy some sun and break up the madness.  We take drives to look at houses or to explore new areas.  You will be surprised what difference a 30 minute ride will make.

#3. Avoiding The News, CNN, and all other outlets that report on whats going on right now

No news, no scrolling to read stories on or anything like that.  Even when I’m on social media, I scroll right past any stories that are about negativity.  It’s just to too much right now.  It’s not like I’m missing anything major because people on my life always seem to send a text message or a link to a story they feel is important.  Thanks alot, family.

#4. Exercising

Investing in a piece of equipment to go into my home is one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I don’t have to worry about outside germs or who will watch my baby.  I get to jump on my cycling bike and work out some stress.

#5. Retail Therapy

Even you haven’t noticed…everyone and their Mama have having some type of sale. And I’ve taken full advantage of it!  There’s something about getting something new in the mail that gives me a pick me up.  Put a couple of dollars to the side and give it a try.

These actions might seem small but they really help me to get through these trying times.  Hopefully, they will help you too.  Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in the world right now??  If so, how do you deal with it?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless and Safe ๐Ÿ’‹

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