The Most Stylish Mask & Sanitizer Holder Out There

Nowadays, it’s essential that we keep our masks and sanitizer on deck when leaving the house.

To be honest, I never really go out. I let my husband do all of the store runs while the baby and I wait for him in the car. But when I absolutely must go out not only do I want to be stylish but I also want to make sure that I have my PPE on hand. Rummaging through my purse to find these essentials is not my ideal way of being prepared.

Here is a stylish way to keep your mask and sanitizer on you.

The Hands Off Belt is the perfect accessory! It keeps you hands free while still being safe. Put your sanitizer, mask, and a couple of dollars in there or your credit card. You’re good to go!

Thoughts on the Hands Off Belt Bag?? Drop them in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

(P.S…you can see a video of the belt bag on my IG page!)

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